Our Featured Artist list is growing longer! Today, Tiffany Marie is our creative! We held a quick Q & A/interview with her and she is inspiring!

Me: “Hiya Tiffany! Nathan from Badass Art Group. I have you down for 1:30 to chat a bit about yourself and your art. Are you still available?”

Tiffany: “Yes I am!”

Me: “Hello! Awesome, should only be like 45 mins.”

Tiffany: “Sounds good! My kids don’t get home until 3 so that works perfect.”

Me: “Oh that’s great then! We will get started right away! How many kids do you have?”

Tiffany: “I have 2 girls and my boyfriend has 3 boys , so 5 all between the ages of 4-11.”

Me: “That’s incredible! Any of them showing signs of being interested in the arts?”

Tiffany: “Both my girls are talented little artists …. the boys not so much haha.”

Me: “I had a feeling about the girls! How long have you been painting and creating now?”

Tiffany: “Well I have always been artistic but never painted until about 3 years ago, due to a random request.”

Me: “Yes I totally understand that, much to learn and experiment with. Did you have any formal training?”

Tiffany: “Other than art class in high school no…. and those classes really didn’t teach me anything, it was basically a free A.  Not saying the class was useless… the teacher just gave basic things for us to do so it didn’t really challenge me and I’m the type that likes to be challenged.”

Me: “Yeah, they never mentioned how to finish anything…The last 3 years have been an eye opener for me too. I am looking at your paintings and I love your color choices! What medium and size are most of your pieces?”

Tiffany: “They range in sizes from 11×14 up to 24×30… I’m now starting to work with larger canvas, which I’m very excited about it! I’d say 75% of my work is acrylic, and the other 25% is mixed media. Acrylic and watercolor.”

Me: “Ooooh, the bigger canvases! I can’t wait to see the work in progresses on those. Do you paint mostly wildlife and animals?”

Tiffany: “I know!!! Ooooooo the details I will be able to have with larger canvas!  Yes, I have always been an animal lover so it was an easy decision for that to be my subject of interest.”

Me: “So if you could be any animal, which would it be?”

Tiffany: “Can I pick 2? Either a turtle or a cheetah! Lol huge difference I know!”

Me: “Of course you can pick two! What do they represent to you?”

Tiffany: “I am an introvert so I always admired how turtles get to relax on a log or rock by the water just absorbing the sunshine but if anyone comes around they just “plop” into the water to be left alone … that’s the life! Haha. And the cheetah… well they have always been fascinating to me with their speed and agility… and they are stunning animals.”

Me: “That’s incredibly insightful and such a great picture of the turtles. They are actually super stealthy in the right environment. Any pawed family members helping with your craft?”

Tiffany: “Hahaha yes! I have 5 fur babies!”

Me: “5! No way?”

Tiffany: “Hahaha yes! The orange cat is Buddy, the tortoise shell cat is Bootsy, then I have 2 female chiuahuas Bambi and Bindi, and last but not least my Chorkie, Bob Ross!”

Me: “Oh that’s wonderful! Bob Ross…that’s perfect! So do you have an art studio or?”

Tiffany: “I am working out of my home at the moment but my 2 year goal is to have my own studio downtown.”

Me: “Oh no kidding? Is pursuing the art business going well for you?”

Tiffany: “Yes it is! Don’t get me wrong it has its struggles but like I said earlier, I like a challenge so it has been very enjoyable so far.”

Me: “That’s fantastic! Do you find yourself doing more commissioned work or people buying anything you paint?”

Tiffany: “Its a mix really…. I will admit I’m not a huge fan of commissioned work UNLESS they give me some creative freedom… but at the end of the day it helps pay the bills so I don’t complain.”

Me: “That’s totally understandable! Commissions should be about the style and creativity of the artist as well as the art and vision of the finished piece. Well, I don’t want to keep you much longer so I will end with this…What advice would you give to artists that are just starting out and are thinking about creating art as reasonable income choice?”

Tiffany: “Well it’s no secret that the art world is definitely a tough industry…. I could go on for days with different ideas and advice but what it comes down is your passion and drive! Don’t stop trying to grow as an artist! We all have an amazing gift so use it, don’t let it go to waste!”

Me: “That’s beautiful! Passion and drive. You heard it here folks! Thank you Tiffany, this has been a blast! I am downloading some samples from your art page for this article, but are there other places people can reach you, like Instagram or an on-line store?”

Tiffany: “You are very welcome!!!! Instagram @the.life.of.tiff Website tiffanymarieart.com Thank you again!”

With some final remarks and goodbyes, Tiffany and I parted ways.  – Want to thank her for taking time to answer a few questions about her art and journey as an artist. Be sure to follow her via the links below!

Website: tiffanymarieart.com

Facebook: @TiffanyMarieArt

Instagram: @the.life.of.tiff

Tiffany Marie – Featured Artist
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