Hi! So…yeah, working some stuff out.  Created a YouTube Channel for our up and coming videos. Have some social media sites constructed as well. Google+, TwitterFacebook.  I’ll be the first to admit I have a slight addiction of creating social media hubs and connecting them all together on a website. Been doing this for years. However this time…This time, there is love added to the mix and not just any love. Love from thousands of people. I have also decided to throw caution to the wind and grind my shy ways in a self shedding healing exercise called…”Being yourself.” Will anyone read this? Who knows. Doesn’t really matter. Going to type this out at 7:30 am on a Tuesday morning.

Big plans coming! We now have a nice page for our upcoming Bad Ass Art Contests. We started using the events calendar at our Facebook Group.  We are starting to plan live art shows. Live modeling via webcams (…this could get interesting fast, so there may be waivers and such. What’s that? You are wondering what the legal jargon of “such” means?  “Such” refers to First born sacrifices, blood signatures and packs with the Devil may be required.)

Oh let’s see…Since this is the second post.  It’s going to turn into a development journal. You know. For the kids. 20 years from now…we will all look back and consider our childhood mistakes and here will be the flag flapping in the breeze.

I have to gather up the recent videos that were made for our group and add them to the site here. Probably smoke first before I do that. (Hahaha…you believed that? I am a HUGE procrastinator…I am surprised I am still writing this.)

I’ll get the videos up here…it’s gonna be killer! I’ll let you in on a little secret…we only have one admin actually working at one giving time, the rest of us are watching funny cat videos.  Keep that to yourself though.

Big shout out to our 4 month of Facebook group fun! We have over 2.8K vetted members and I must say…we have declined a lot. It’s like the cutting room floor of a trusted 8mm film editor…just with MUCH more blood.

Anyways…ok, just need a break. Little vent, little connection, little behind the scenes stuff…secrets….SECRETS!

Word around the campfire is there is a Mother’s Day contest coming up.  That’s all I am gonna say.

Love you all!

You teach me so much everyday!

The Second Post…
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