The Idea Seemed Simple…

Hold a 24 hour art contest for the very first art shared on our brand new Instagram account. With the help of art guides from the astral plane, direction was found and at this moment the CONTEST for the “Very First Instagram Post” was born.

The Rules Seemed Simple…

CONTEST for the “Very First Instagram Post”!
Hiya everyone! I am so proud to announce the official launch of our Instagram account over @badassartgroup! – We have yet to make our very first post and I thought why not make it a cool 24 hour contest.
Rules are super simple:
– Add a piece of your original art, in the comments below, that you would like to be the very first post at our Instagram account.
– We also need some badass hashtags…Please add a submission! (I personally use #badassartgroup…)
– Likes are 1 point, Loves and Wows are 5, and comments only give you karma.
– Please Only 1 Submission…
– Feel free to tag another artist to nominate their art powers!
– Follow our Instagram account – @badassartgroup
Remember it’s our “Very First Instagram Post” so whatever you have that is truly BADASS ART! I’ll tally up votes in 24 hours from now and make it a fun post on the website as well.
Good luck everyone! Love you all.

They Had No Idea The Stakes.

In a fury of typing fire, the facebook post was, well…posted and we all patiently waited for the results. In the next 24 hours vegan sacrifices were perfectly planed and timed with the orbit of the Earth’s “second” moon.  Beets lined up on a cutting board with little signs of masking tape and toothpicks with lunar times inked in perfect calligraphy, sticking out of their tiny heart-shaped bodies…

The winner crowned “Badass Artist That Was The Very First Post On Instagram“, also gaining the astral title of “ICE-BREAKER” and also known in the intergalactic art world simply as, “The Badass One“.

The beloved webmaster worked well into the night creating the incredible foundation that was about to be the very next contest posted on the still wet website,  The post was to praise “The Badass One“, showcasing the art of our Triumph Winner!

Want to Submit Your Art?

It’s Nov. 21, 2017 – 1:43am central.  Goto our group page on facebook and check out the pinned post. Votes are counted tomorrow…

Join Us On Instagram!


The 24 Hours Was up…

The beet corpses were prepped in an almost perfect mandala, the make shift flags with their time of death clearly marked stuck from their tiny chests, resembling toe tags if you will.  10 minutes remained then at the very last second the last beet, known as, 24, plead for life, “You don’t have to do this! Beet juice is over hyped!” Since I reviewed the EVP recording later I didn’t hear this until it was to late…with a quick slice, 24’s life juice joining the rest. The Vegan “Second Moon” sacrifice was complete, the winner cup full!

1:43 am — Ok, I am calling this the end! You can still vote but anything submitted after this won’t be in the tally. — Love you all, thank you so much for submitting so much killer artwork! Be sure to check the Previous Comments! I believe 48 artists submitted and one will be the winner!

Contest Highlight Reel With Runner Ups and Presenting, “The Badass One”!

Working non-stop the art was collected, piece by piece the video was assembled, hours of data entry and spreadsheets upon spreadsheets later, the votes were tallied…the winner finally found!

The Submissions Were In!

Big Shout Out To All The Artists!

William Shepherd, William Renfro, William Palm, Tom Hizzle, Tami “The Badass One” Carritte, Stratulat Gabriel, Steve Pascual, Sarah Vaci, Sakshi Jindal, S. D. Licata, Rebecca Stover, Peter Levine, Nikolass Stonanovic, Nikita VonGalaxor, Nicole Henderson, Nichalos Brewton, Nathalie Bass-Junkie Greig, Michael-Paul Anderson, Mercedez Manges, Mer Mandela, Matt Neto, Mary Seay, Katie Kaleidoscope,
Kat Johnston, Julia Karl, Josh Odd, John Reed, John Litz, Janet Szulga, Heather Stewart, Heather Griffis, Gray Eldritch, Gina Angiolillo, Franz Giussepe, Felicity Sarsfield, Erin N. Diaz, Dorothy-Chris Arrington-Humphries, Dani Baty, Damien Wilson, CB Swartz, Ben Moss, Barb Mary Agostino, Alora Rovatti, Adrian Thompson and Adrian Carlisle

Proudly Presenting, “The Badass One”,



The Quest For Our Very First Instagram Post!
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