Here in the small, somewhat claustrophobic offices of the Badass Art Group we decided to have a quick and creative art contest.  The rules were very simple.  Using only kitchen utensils, paint whatever you could before midnight on September 1st, 2017.  Now we didn’t have hundreds of entries, we didn’t even break 10 entries but I do believe that everyone that went to their cupboards searching the silverware drawers for art supplies had a good time.

The competition was fierce.  Some of the best artists from around the world participated in our event and I must say I was a bit scared going toe to toe with them in this intense art battle.

Like a lobster looking at a boiling pot of water I gulped down the anxiety and set to work on my piece.  Below you will find the art entries, enjoy.


“I used a chopstick. I wanted something that some people might not have in the kitchen. I was thinking of a landscape reminiscent of Freelancer Danny. It came out ok. Chopsticks are not the most flexible and not great for thin lines.” – Carissa Carnahan

“This was done using an old Windex bottle (from under the kitchen sink) a plastic straw (from the kitchen cabinet), and an eyedropper, which, if properly used, could be a kitchen item.” – William Renfro

“Fork n toothpicks” – Joe Prosperi

“Disillusioned Thoughts From An Abstract Mind. Medium is watercolor with using only my Grandpa’s army fork from 1945!” – Nathan Steinke

“Pizza cutter, Bear killing knife, barbecue brush, plastic knife, tea spoon, soup spoon.
I literally overkilled my painting, Must’ve been the bear killing knife.” Nicole Henderson


“Wine corks count…right?” – Kat Johnston

This is the second contest Kat has won here at the Badass Art Group and I must say I am not surprised. Word is, she is a master at mind control and using the words…”Wine Corks” with a question mark propelled her art into the lead and pushed it on to win! Check out Kat’s other victory here, 50 Shades of Green Art Contest!

We also had a chance to sit down with Kat in the virtual world and conduct a little interview which is right over here… Featured Artist – Kat Johnston

Thank you to everyone that participated in our contest! I had a great time for sure and can’t wait to have another!


The Kitchen Utensil Art Contest!
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