Sometime in December…

Feels like yesterday that the computer keys were clicking the name, Bad Ass Art, into a text box creating the brand new facebook group you all know and love.  At the time, the thought of something actually growing from that tiny seed wasn’t even on the radar.  Nothing was planned, no goals set in stone…

3 hours later…

Ok I am back…My name is Nathan.  I like to make stuff. It’s fun and without going to huge detail on my views of our false faced of a world that doesn’t actually exist it’s important to realize that nothing is actually the greatest starting point.  What would creation be with that blank slate. That canvas. Yes…Yes…it’s true I have been incredibly busy. All the admins over at Bad Ass Art decided it was time to offer just a bit more and start a nice little .com amply called  Why…cuz that’s what we are, a group! …and is currently registered.  So back on point.

The First Post.

Which it is my honor to rock this out before I hit the sack and crunch some dreams.  But the idea is simple. Expand a bit, offer more awareness…make millions of dollars and most importantly have fun sharing and talking about art.  So…I will be back to this post during the week, I need some test subjects to see how the site is going to flow. Many ideas floating about, many thoughts…many dreams.  Peace Love and Harmony!

More on the way! – Nathan

The First Post
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