This is really a great group. Everyone is supportive and kind not talking about the amazing talent that everyone has! Happy to be here and get inspired every day.

Lili Szabo

Thank you for the opportunity also!!! This group is by far my favorite, I enjoy everyone’s badass art, and always excited to see more work shared, keep being awesome!!!!

John Reed

Wow this group is so much better than the other art groups!

Hoblyn Boblyn

Seriously, the group is so friendly and genuine and it makes me so inspired to make art more often.

Kayla Perales

I didn’t touch a pencil for about 10 years. Then I had to go on temporary disability to get 5 surgeries, and got divorced at the same time. I started doing art again since I had so much free time, and my sister talked me into getting a Facebook page and posting art. Then I joined a few art groups, this was the 1st one I joined and it’s my favorite, so I guess I got lucky. Everyone here is cool, there is zero negativity, some humor, and of course a ton of great art in many different styles.

CB Swartz

This group quickly became family for me. The acceptance alone was staggering. I made more friends from this group alone than any other group. I have done a lot of artistic growth because of the amazing artists in here. Thank you for making Bad Ass Art Nathan.

Heather Griffis

I love viewing all the different styles of amazing art.
The communication between all connections on this forum is both entertaining, inspiring and educational.
Thank you for bringing so many like minded people together.

Jennifer Sage

I love the community that these type of art rooms brings.

Dani Baty

It’s an Awesome Group Very inspiring, actually Helped me Get back into Art. It Inspired me that there are others like me.

Ky Mitchell

I get so many tips and tricks from my friends at bad ass art. The best feeling is to get a real warm welcome when joining. The artists in this group are helpful, never negative. Being here is like being with family. I’m very happy to be part of something so positive in the name of art, bad ass to boot.

J.D. Blaser
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