You know when your ears ring and someone is talking about you, well Steve doesn’t know it but when I summon the Art Gods…he is literally one of them.  Seems ridiculous to those that haven’t been in awe over Steve’s work for the last 25 years but really…This article was my absolute and complete pleasure to write and I hope you all get to know Steve Otis a little better. Below is our conversation.

Me: “Thank you so much for taking time to be a featured artist Steve! So love your work!”

Steve: “Thank you, it’s nice to have the privilege to be featured on your site!”

Me: “It’s completely my pleasure, so you mentioned you have a couple pets? Just dogs or?”

Steve: “We have 3 dogs, 2 rats and a hedgehog…and a no-more stray cat!”

Me: “Oh that is awesome! I am personally very fond of rats, they are so intelligent. How old are those little rascals?”

Steve: “They will be 2 yrs old in April…unfortunately we lost their little brother (Dali) last December.”

Me: “Aww I am sorry to hear that. Two years old they must be rather big by now, do they chase the cat around?”

Steve: “Haha! Not so much since the cat lives outside in his winterized condo.”

Me: “Hehehe, that’s probably for the best, I know rats can be a little territorial. So do you own like big dogs or little ankle biters?”

Steve: “They are all Shetland sheepdogs what people commonly known as mini-collies.”

Me: “Oh ok! Shetland…sounds like small horses…Ok, I have some art related questions here…Where do you get your ideas for paintings Steve?”

Steve: “I was brought up on a steady diet of horror films and comics. So…the images have been around since as long as I can remember.”

Me: “I do notice some of your pieces have a familiar feel to them. What type of horror? (What time period are we talking?) Horror has changed since I had VHS…”

Steve: “I have always been a fan of the Universal Monsters from the 50s and 60s so my horror pieces tend to have the classic monster vibe.”

Me: “You must have been rather young when you were influenced by 50’s and 60’s horror or that beard just hides your true age…How long does it take you to complete one of your works?”

Steve: “I was born in the early 60s so most of these films were seen on TV, I did read a lot of Poe & Lovecraft in my teens, so the beard kinda hides my age.”

Steve: “As far as my works, depending on the size, anything from 1 day to 3 days.”

Me: “Oh no kidding! I saw you are using something called “Water Oils?” I never knew such a medium was real…Do you generally paint in oil?”

Steve: “99% of my art is done in acrylics. I sometimes use water based oils (they dilute with water) for details but they take forever to dry so I use them sparingly.”

Me: “No kidding, so most of your work is Acrylic? That’s just nuts. How long have you painting??”

Steve: “I have been painting since 1988. Before that I used to draw a bit but as a teen I was more into guitars.”

Me: “Holy that’s 30 years! Did you go to art school or have you been just teaching yourself all these years?”

Steve: “I am completely self taught. I did do a bachelor’s in artistic education and was a high school art teacher for 10 years.”

Me: “Oh no kidding? I would be so proud to be a student of yours back in the day! Do you have any artists you really look up too?”

Steve: “Thanks! But I was a really demanding teacher. My first great influence was Richard Corben that I discovered in 1977 then Frazetta, Boris, Bisley and Basil Gogos.”

Me: “When I see your work I am just like this guy and Boris are brothers or something. I don’t know the other artists you mentioned but I am going to look them up. Do you make a living solely on being a God of art?”

Steve: “I make a living just being a God (just kidding here)! Thank you for the compliment, I divide my time between my day job (civil service) and being a part time professional artist (but not a God) and I also gig with my bands every once in awhile.

Me: “Oh no kidding you still play guitar? I would love to hear some of your music if it is available???”

Steve: “Yes I still play guitar, I have a few cover bands so no original music, just good old metal!”

Me: “Oh nice! Let’s see 1988, I was a youngster growing up with the Head Bangers…What kind of covers do you do?”

Steve: “I have a tribute to Ronnie James Dio and Motley Crue.”

Me: “I can see you playing some Motley! So I have to ask…what is Production MAEVE?”

Steve: “It is the name of my promotional company which is run by my girlfriend, manager.”

Me: “You know I have noticed you posting in our group but many don’t comment on your work…I think this might be why, we are all in AWE and don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said already, but I am going to say it, “I LOVE your work…” Each piece you share is incredibly amazing!”

Me: “Does it help to have another that supports all your efforts?”

Steve: “Wow thanks! I am quite content with getting a lot of “Likes” written comments are always welcome also. Yes it helps greatly to have someone to do all the logistical work, this permits me to concentrate purely on my art without “Maeve” I would be still unknown and ungodly.”

Me: “The basis of this whole article is to find out if you are a real person in our time line! You both are doing really well with getting your art out there! So where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Steve: “I am planning to retire in 5 years and spend 100% of my time being an artist.”

Me: “Dude that sounds so incredible! I think that is the dream for all of our readers! Can you describe yourself in 3 words?”

Steve: “Yes, it would definitely be great to consecrate all my time to being creative. Now to describe myself in 3 words : Creative, funny (at least my girlfriend think so ;)) and passionate!”

Me: “She is probably bias! Hehehe. But yes totally, so nice to have someone that supports and believes in you. (Which she should, your art is insanely good…) So…Do you believe in an afterlife?”

Steve: “I’m not a very spiritual guy, however there has to be something once we depart our physical life….I hope…”

Me: “If there isn’t I am going to be highly disappointed…What about aliens and life on other planets?”

Steve: “The universe is infinite, it would be crazy to think and very pretentious to believe we are alone.”

Me: “I, 110% agree…So just a few more questions here from the gallery. Where do you think your monsters hide the most?”

Steve: “My monsters hide in the dark reaches of my consciousness. I let them loose when it is convenient and that way, I can put them away afterwards so they can’t scare people anymore.”

Me: “Ring master of them, love it…If you could be any myth/fantasy creature, which would you choose?”

Steve: “I would definitely want to be a Centaur.”

Me: “They are very magical. One last question. What advice would you give to artists just starting out?”

Steve: “Always be yourself. Always create for the joy of creating. And don’t ever give up. I began being recognized in the world of art in my 40s so it’s never too late!”

Me: “That’s great advice Steve! I totally agree. Thank you so much for taking some time out of your day to answer some questions and explain yourself a bit. It’s been a real pleasure. Can you send me some links where people can find your work or hire you?”

Steve: “It was a pleasure being interviewed by you Nathan, great questions, great vibe! Keep up your good work!”

Me: “Aww thanks to the both of you! Also would you mind if I displayed about 20 pieces of you work and also featured your art in the brand new Art Zine that is totally top secret right now? (Includes a signed copy of the first edition printing if you say yes…)”

Steve: “Of course! Let’s go for the Art Zine sounds cool! About the 20 pieces do you want us to send the pieces?”

Me: “Awesome!!! Umm, you can if you want or I can search them on the group and pick my favs. Let me just search them up, all your stuff is killer! Thank you so much Steve!”

Steve: “You can choose your favs, and you can browse on our FB page they are ALL there.”

Me: “This has been a real pleasure. I am a huge fan of yours! Okies! I will add all your links in the article! Thank you so much again!”

Steve: “You are welcome !! Let us know when the interview will be online we’ll share on our social medias and that way you’ll get more traffic on your site!!”

Steve: “I really do appreciate your kind words.”

With some astral fistbumbs we concluded the “on the record” conversation/interview.  Hope you all enjoyed this!  Find Steve Otis in the links below. Turns out he only has monsters if he wants them around…Phew.

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