Had a moment to talk with Spencer Hunt about his digital art creations and where he has found his sci-fi/fantasy inspiration! Below is our conversation!

Me: “Hiya Spencer! Had you down for 5:30 today for an interview! Still up for that?”

Spencer: “I have had trouble finding pictures from my past. But if we can manage without those for now, then I’m still up for it!”

Me: “Yeah totally! We can figure out the pictures later on. I noticed you have been doing digital paintings as of late? Can you explain a little how you started with art and computers?”

Spencer: “Well, my first experience with digital art was at a free Photoshop course at the Davis Applied Technology college between the 9th and 10th grade back in 2009. I loved it. I gained more experience with it in my senior year of high school when I took an AP art class. My favorite medium had become digital art. A few years later, in 2014, I downloaded a free app on my Samsung galaxy s3 called Autodesk Sketchbook, and I was smitten with it. I painted on that phone with my fingers for six months before I bought my first tablet, the Samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition. It had a touch sensitive pen, and I began to expand my knowledge and capability with digital art. In 2016, I was working at the university of Utah, and I took public transit to work every day. One day, I was running late and in a hurry. I had this laptop bag which I kept my tablet in. I was barely awake, and as I exited the bus, I accidentally let my laptop bag bump on the ground, shattering my tablet. Fortunately, about a month later I was able to buy my current device, a Microsoft surface book.”

Me: “Oh wow! That is awesome! Not about breaking your tablet but that you got a new cooler setup! I saw you had a nicer device to work on. Has the surface pro helped at all?”

Spencer: “My surface has helped immensely. I am now able to use the desktop version of Autodesk sketchbook, which has many more features. The pen is much more sensitive and is even customizable. I do rather enjoy the desktop hotkeys as well haha! I would love to use Photoshop because it is the industry standard, but it is far too expensive for me to justify.”

Me: “Oh I can only imagine! I have Autodesk Sketchbook and it’s really awesome. I also found Krita to be among some of the better open source painting programs out there. So do you paint mostly fantasy type characters? What’s the influence behind that?”

Spencer: “I try to paint everything. But I do tend to default to fantasy. I think that is because I have always been drawn to the more organic, natural, and mystical aesthetics in life. For example, I love the predator franchise and the alien franchise, but the alien franchise has always intrigued me way more. I just find the way that xenomorphs evolve and thrive the way they do extremely interesting. Haha, I realize that I’m using a scifi reference to explain why I love fantasy. I still feel like its semi relevant though haha. Oh, wait, I have a better explanation. In my adolescence, I had become very obsessed with Greek mythology. I studied it religiously. I read all I could find pertaining to Greek mythology, eventually expanding into Egyptian mythology. Tolkien also had a heavy influence, but not as much as real world mythology. I had also become obsessed with Yugioh cards around the same time. Come to think of it, that could explain why my style leans more to the macabre.”

Me: “It’s awesome man! Of course I have many questions but I am guessing you believe in aliens…where do you think life on Earth originated?”

Spencer: “Honestly, I strongly believe in the asteroid theory and the theory of evolution.”

Me: “That makes perfect sense. I agree with you there. So how long have you been pursuing the arts?”

Spencer: “I have been an artist my entire life. Ever since I could draw a mustache on a supermodels face in a magazine haha. But I started to take things seriously when I was probably around 6. My favorite cousin, whom I emulated, was drawing these (what I thought at the time, as a six year old) amazing pictures. He eventually stopped creating, but I never did.”

Me: “Oh that’s awesome! Are you self taught then or have you taken classes?”

Spencer: “I took a few classes starting in the 7th grade, but I never excelled in them for personal reasons, you could say that I am self taught because of that haha! My art was never very good until after high-school and I got to learn a lot more about my own style.”

Me: “Totally feel you there! Well I don’t want to keep you much longer Spencer. One last question…what advice would you give to new artists just starting out?”

Spencer: “I would have to say this, you can draw absolutely anything. Even if you are using a still life reference. What you are drawing does not have to fit in the real world. As an artist, you are showing people how you see the world.”

Me: “Oh you are so right. We art what we feel! Thank you so much for taking some time to chat Spencer! I will get this typed up right away! Where can people fine you on social media?”

Spencer:https://www.facebook.com/V1kingStudio/ – This is my art page.”

Me: “Sweet man! I’ll get this all worked up and send you the link! Thanks again Spencer, hope you have a great weekend!”

Spencer: “Thank you sir! And you as well.”

With that our interview concluded and the above is the result! Be sure to check out Spencer’s art page over at facebook and give him a like! You can find it via the link below.

Facebook: @V1kingStudio – He has all sorts of photos from Completed Works and Works In Progress! Go check Spencer out!

Instagram: @viking_studio

Spencer Hunt – Featured Artist
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