Art Contest Time!

The Badass Art Group proudly presents the first ever “Red Paint Only Art Contest”!

Badass Art Contest/Challenge Time!
“Red Paint Only Art Challenge!” (Cue Epic Underscore)
Below is a list of the parameters:

– Only One Submission
– Contest will last until Jan. 1st 2018 at midnight my time
– Submit your art in the Comments of this post
– Voting will be 1 vote for a like, 5 for loves and wows
– Any subject matter accepted expect no X rated material
– Can only use White, Black and Red
– Hues of red are totally acceptable (hence the white and black colors)
– We will be making a Highlight Reel with all your artworks and also will be posting your art on our website.

Think that about covers it! So…Any subject, only in hues of Red. Good luck everyone! Keep in mind this is also a challenge to test your own skills and abilities and have some fun while doing it!

Edit: Forgot to mention, use any medium you feel like. Digital is totally fine but changing colors with a computer might be slightly cheating yourself out of the sheer joy of this entire event!

Another Edit: Oh and be sure to hashtag your submission and also throw your Instagram addy along with your submission!

Behold the Red Paint Only Art Contest Highlight Reel!

Here are the submissions!

Artist Credits
Alora Rovatti, Amanda Henke, Amanda L. Garcia, Andy Gill, Brian Petitti, Dewey Engstrom, Douglas P. Sciorra, Edie Carmichael Barthelmes, Erin N. Diaz, Gene Barron, Jamie Farley, Joy Jacquez, Kelly Chaney Jack, Linda Price, Martinho-zinho Ribeiro, Mercedez Manges, Nathan Steinke, Nikolass Stojanovic, Sarah Torgerson, Steve Hornbuckle, William Renfro, William Shenewolf

And the Winner Of The Red Paint Only Art Contest Is…

Edie Carmichael Barthelmes

Runner Ups…

Andy Gill

Dewey Engstrom

Steve Hornbuckle

Big thanks to all the artists that submitted art to this contest! More contests are on the way for 2018!

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Red Paint Only Art Contest
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