With the approval from Kat, I set out on a sacred quest…searching our little admin chat called the Rad and Mad Admin Clubhouse. (Yes, it’s true…we have 24 hour chat window open at all times talking about everything from art to how much we love that smiling poop emoji.  Seriously we spent an entire day texting that thing back and forth. It was like “Who has the Hot Poop Emoji?”…don’t get the reference, I know…Hot Potato? Google it!) <- these are jokes, just being silly.

All the admins are actually locked in padded cells and we only get to eat Golden Puffs, the generic kind until we produce something you could call art. It’s a wonderful life.  Right now I am in a straight-jacket typing this out with a number 2 pencil, holding it between my teeth and much like a chicken, pecking the computer keys.

The idea is to pluck out some of the odd behaviors and insane conversations we have in the clubhouse and display them completely out of context.  You caught me, I am shamelessly promoting our need for more admins which if you are interesting, is a quick and painful experience of having your Soul tattooed with the words, “Bad Ass 4 Life”, and then there is the secret handshake…

Figure since we chat an awful lot and the clubhouse feed could probably circle the earth at lease part way…I would start on Easter in the year 2017. Here Goes.

Rad and Mad Admin Clubhouse Quotes

“Morning and happy easter! It’s officially the only the zombie apocalypse holiday!” – Nathan

“I saw a post that said “YOLO! lol, jk. brb! -Jesus” Happy Easter, y’all! I’m going to an Easter brunch and betting on rubber ducks racing down a creek this afternoon, lol! **after I drop off tulips at my mama’s headstone” – Jane

“Morning!! Ohhhh, nice! Happy Easter/ zombie day ?” – Kat

“Everyone is hung over…” – Nathan

“I’m cleaning & working out at the same time” – Kat

“Usually we just do what Jim says…?” – Nathan

“How about BadAssArtGroup.com It’s just that the name BadAssArt caught on. It has almost become a brand” – Martinho-zinho

“Basically, I like whatever you like ?” – Kat

“What did you want to know Nathan? The answer is lots of medical grade marijuana.. Whatever the question ??” – Danny

“I used to use an actual mirror..lol” – Danny

“Life is good today. Extremely busy but good. About to eat breakfast, then make some money for a few hours, then have a date to finish it off . Can’t complain lol” – Martinho-zinho

“That sounds good…so…it’s time to get prunken!” – Kat

“Although it’s only 2pm to get drunk, but I don’t judge, I’m taking bong hits all day.” – Martinho-zinho

“It is painting+drinking =prunken” – Kat

“You are going to force me to get a laptop…lol” – Kat

“Landlord all knocks on the door…I have condoms and pipes all over the place” – Nathan

“Everyone already knows that we are insane?” – Kat

“I am being a nazi on recent applicants guys…. no art no part… sorry… ?” – Jim

“I don’t see it Dewey..just black boxes” – Kat

“Fish always look scared” – Nathan

“I’m suppose to be doing dishes but I’m talking to you fine folks” – Marilyn

“Off to the vocal booth aka the coat closet” – Martinho-zinho

“But it doesn’t bother me or anything” – Marilyn

Since humans now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish (this is 100% facts folks…) I am going to move on to another project. More to come on this page however. When I have idle time I plan on updated this page here and there. So stop back in a couple days!

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