Had the pleasure of interviewing Noelle Dunn this afternoon as our featured artist!  She has been painting a little over a year and is finding much success with her art. Below you will find our conversation.

Noelle Dunn – Noelle’s Art Loft

Me: “Hiya Noelle! Nathan here from the Badass Art Group. Had you down for 2:30 today for a quick interview. Are you still available?”

Noelle: “Yes I am. Thank you.”

Me: “Oh perfect! Shouldn’t take to long…So I noticed you have a Facebook page called, “Noelle’s Art Loft”…do you have an actual loft?”

Noelle: “No. It’s just what I call my space to work. It’s just the upstairs of my place. It’s shared with the living room.”

Me: “I see! Very cool, I saw some pictures with a mass of paintings getting varnished, are those oils or acrylics or…?”

Noelle: “They are all acrylic paintings. I’ve been getting into some spray paint as well. Just going with the flow and using what works best for me. Although the spray paint is a bit of a hassle because it’s hard to drink a beer and spray paint with the mask.”

Me: “Hehehe, I bet! Have yet to try spray paint. What is your favorite beer to drink while arting?”

Noelle: “I looove Richards white or even a glass of wine will do the trick of getting the creativity flowing.”

Me: “It does help loosen up, I also enjoy having some beers and listening to music. Do you have a favorite type of music or band you like to listen too?”

Noelle: “I usually use my Spotify playlists for my music. Or ask friends. I always try and switch it up.”

Me: “Do you find listening to different styles of music effects your painting?”

Noelle: “I haven’t noticed a trend yet because I’m so new. I’m sure once I’ve been doing this a bit longer I’ll be able to tell when I’ve made a painting while listening to metal haha. Possibly the shark I made may have been metal music. Haha.”

Me: “Heavy metal is awesome to paint too. I was just going to ask how long have you been an artist?”

Noelle: “I actually started painting last year to deal with anger management.  So one year and I guess it helps with the anger and also found some talent I never knew I had.”

Me: “Art is great therapy, you are so right about that! I noticed you paint a lot of wildlife and nature, what’s your favorite animal to paint?”

Noelle: “I’m not sure. I really love the turtle I did in the water. And the octopus. I think I like animals in the water. I see a theme starting to come out in my work now.”

Me: “Yes that turtle is the bomb! Very very good! I saw a video with a mountain range and you mentioned it had silver in it? Was that like a metallic paint or did you use something else?”

Noelle: “Yes a metallic paint and oh god with the sun light the silver can turn a blue colour. Any different light on it gives a different colour highlight. It’s my new obsession. Obviously priced so it won’t sell. I want to keep it on my wall.”

Me: “I feel you there! That must look awesome in person! So did you go to school for art, or taking any classes or one day decided to paint?”

Noelle: “No. Nothing. It’s so strange. Just used it as a therapy and had people compliment me on it. It just blew up from there. I guess I should be happy I’m so angry haha.”

Me: “That is wonderful! I saw you sold many of your paintings! Is that mostly on-line or do you have people come over to your loft?”

Noelle: “I sell online to local people and friends. I either deliver them or they come over for a visit. Maybe if this continues I could ship through Canada. That would be awesome!”

Me: “Very very cool. Do you live in Canada?”

Noelle: “Yes I’m in Calgary Alberta. I grew up on a farm north west of Airdrie. My dad was a famous cowboy and I guess I’m the black sheep of the family.”

Me: “A famous cowboy? Like in the movies?”

Noelle: “He’s judged the stampede. He won a bunch of Rodeos came first in bareback and second in bull riding. He was really good. I’m pretty sure he won the stampede. He’s a big deal in the rodeo world. He’s fantastic.”

Me: “Wow, that has to be kind of scary. So do you come from a large family?”

Noelle: “Pretty big. I have two older sisters and a older brother. My mom and my dad. I’m the baby.  I also think I’m the wildest out of them haha.”

Me: “It’s good to be the baby of the family at times. This can explain the pole in the upstairs?”

Noelle: “Haha yeah. I’ve changed my name in my moms phone to ‘the bad kid’ and her ringtone is the Noel Christmas song when I call her.”

Me: “Hehehe! That’s awesome! I am sure they love you even if you are the black sheep. So do you have any 4 legged art helpers in the loft?”

Noelle: “Oh they do for sure! Yes I have my dog Boomer. I don’t know how I would live without him. He’s a cross between a English bull dog and a French bull dog. His ears are down unless you say treat then they pop up like a Frenchie. I also recently got a kitten. Her name is Xena (the warrior princess) and she helps me paint and cuddles Boomer when I’m busy. It’s a great family.”

Me: “Adorable! I see lots of artists having some sort of pawed family member helping out. Those are great names! So…I have to ask, do you believe in…aliens?”

Noelle: “I’m really not sure. If I can see it then I’ll believe it. I haven’t seen it so I guess that’s a no.”

Me: “That makes a lot of sense. Seeing is believing…Do you have any phobias?”

Noelle: “Hmmmmm I don’t like spiders. But I have my boyfriend to help me with that. He always saves the day.”

Me: “That’s why you ladies keep us around! I knew it! Alright I don’t want to keep you much longer…What advice would you give to an artist just starting out?”

Noelle: “Advice would be never be too hard on yourself. Every artist has a closet of bad Artwork. Practice makes perfect. Keep going.”

Me: “Yes, that is some great wisdom right there! Well thank you so much for taking a moment to talk and let us get to know you a little better. I have your facebook art page link but are you on Instagram or anywhere else?”

Noelle: “I am on instagram as well @noellesartloft thanks for having me. That was a lot of fun.”

Me: “Sweet! Thank you so much, I have this all typed up and ready to go! I’ll send you the link in a couple minutes. Thank you so much Noelle!”

Noelle: “Thank you. I have pictures as well. My sister is just editing some of them. Shouldn’t be too much longer. You said you needed 20 plus?”

Me: “Yes, if you have some picked out, otherwise I did download 20 from your art page…”

Noelle: “Oh yeah my sister did some professional head shots of me and my art so I’ll send those along as well.”

Me: “Perfect! I will wait to post this until I add them then!”

Noelle: “Do you want them through here or would you like me to email them?”

Me: “You can e-mail them to nathan@badassartgroup.com (They will look better than facebook’s).”

Noelle: “Okay sounds good. I’ll be in touch when the photos are ready. Thanks again.”

Me: “Sounds like a plan! Love your art, thanks Noelle, enjoy the rest of your day!”

Want to thank Noelle for taking time for this wonderful insight into her life as an artist and for all the wonderful photos! Be sure to check out Noelle’s Art Loft for more of her art and she also has some super fun videos of herself painting and posing!

You can find Noelle at the follow social media outlets:

Facebook: Noelle’s Art Loft

Instagram: @noellesartloft

Noelle Dunn – Featured Artist
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