We tracked down Jessica during a butterfly convention in Canada.  Apparently butterflies from all over the world come to visit Quebec at one specific time, November 28th.  It’s due to the jet streams, air currents and humidity in the air.  Turns out they fly great distances, fluttering for over thousands of miles.  During the Great Butterfly Migration of 2017 we had a chance to chat with Jessica…

Me: “Thank you for taking time to be a featured artist Jessica!”

Jessica: “It’s a pleasure for me Nathan.”

Me: “For starters…where are your from Jessica?”

Jessica: “I’m living in Canada. In the french part. Province of Quebec.”

Me: “Oh cool! Is there a pretty big art scene up in Quebec?

Jessica: “Yes! A lot. Each artist try to push up their art in front. It’s cool. We have a lot of exposition and each artist help the others who need help.”

Me: “That’s awesome! I love artists helping artists! So how long have you been arting?”

Jessica: “I draw and paint once I’m 8 years old. Its my hobby. When I’m stressful or worry about something, I draw. But I push more my art once 6 years.”

Me: “That makes a lot of sense. Do you have any formal training or all self taught?”

Jessica: “Self taught. I love to explore and use many medium to create one beautiful art.”

Me: “Which mediums in your exploration have you found the most difficult?”

Jessica: “The most difficult for me was oil and watercolor. I’m not so patient to use oil bcuz its too long to dry and watercolor its a big challenge for me to use this one. One day i will use this one in my art but not now.”

Me: “I agree with you completely, what mediums do you generally use in your works?”

Jessica: “Acrylic, markers, colors pencils.”

Jessica: “These three are my favorites mediums.”

Me: “You use them all together in your pieces?”

Jessica: “Yes, always in my draws.”

Me: “Very cool! Alright, what’s your funniest art story?”

Jessica: “When one of my customer ask me to paint her echography picture of her baby. I was in shock but I did it to make her happy”

Me: “Wait let me look that up…”

Me: “Ok That’s what I thought…Did you paint the commission?”

Jessica: “Yes.”

Jessica: “I do my best to make my customer happy.”

Me: “That is great, a different and new niche to explore as you said. So do you have a favorite piece of art?”

Jessica: “Yes. My favorite piece of art its the one i draw the red girl with butterflies and jewelry in her hair.”

Jessica: “Its my favorite one.”

Jessica: “Also she’s my first muse and friend overseas.”

Me: “Oh you will have to show me that after the interview! Is there a subject you tend to paint or draw more than others?”

Jessica: “I love to draw portrait bcuz I can take the emotion and the beauty in the same draw. The eyes is my favorite part of the portrait bcuz you can read the soul. Hahahaha.”

Me: “Oh that’s beautiful! I love it! So Jessica…if you could live anywhere on Earth…where would that be?”

Jessica: “I would like to live in the mountain with the nature ans without buildings , cars and traffic. To be in peace and inspired by the nature.”

Me: “Hopefully with lot’s of butterflies?”

Jessica: “Yes! I’m in love with butterflies. Its a fact.”

Me: “Hehehe…moths as well?”

Jessica: “Butterflies for me its freedom and I think each artist can be free to create the art he or she want.”

Me: “Are you a kitty or a puppy person?”

Jessica: “Kitty person.”

Me: “I see here you holding a tiny baby…”

Jessica: “Yes its my niece. I’m her goodmother and so happy.”

Me: “Oh that is awesome!!!”

Jessica: “I love child and be in the same imaginary world of them.”

Jessica: “That s the great feeling ever.”

Me: “It is nice to be in that innocent space.  So If you could only use one medium forever…what would it be?”

Jessica: “Acrylic for sure. Its my first medium and its great to paint and dry quickly. I’m a lill lazy.”

Me: “Acrylics do rule! They are fun to use…”

Jessica: “Yes!”

Me: “Do you have any advice for artists that are just getting started?”

Jessica: “Believe in yourself and don’t give up. Don’t compare you with a other artist bcuz each artist have their own style.”

Me: “I agree comparing isn’t a good idea.”

Jessica: “Comparing its just killing you little by little.”

Jessica: “Be proud of your art and do it because you love it and not to be famous or something like that. The fame aren’t so beautiful as we thought.”

Me: “Wise words Jessica!”

Me: “Do you have any facebook pages or social accounts people can find you at?”

Jessica: “Yes I have one facebook page for the moment. I work on a other page to sell my art too but step by step.”


Me: “Alright that’s perfect! Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me and do this quick interview!”

Jessica:Thank Nathan to think of me for the featured artist.

It was my pleasure to interview Jessica for all of us and to share her art! I believe she is open for art commissions, below is her facebook page.  Besure to give her a like and connect with her if you are interested about her art.

Jessica Beauchesne – https://www.facebook.com/jessicabeauchesneartist/

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Jessica Beauchesne – Featured Artist
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