The 1 Hour Flash Art Contest for Banner Placement

We held a 60 minute art contest for banner art on our group!  We had well over 70+ submissions within the hour and below is a Highlight Reel of those entries.

Artist Credits

Alora Rovatti, Andy Gill, Anthony Williams, Bailey Pierce, Barb Mary Agostino, Bekah Starr, Bill Rowley, Brian Petitti, Briona Shipman, Carissa Thaemert, Chris Gamblin, Christiana Kolle, ChristinaJoe DeCourcey, Corey Scott, Crystal CeCe Drum, Crystal Lina, Dan Bartholomew, Dan Warnick, Danny Bell, Dewey Engstrom, Dharma T Lefevre, Felicity Sarsfield, Gene Barron, Gray Eldritch, Hayley Spencer, J’Rie Blackwell-Ellio, Janna Doughty, Jay Squintz, Jeff Church, Jenn Day, Jim Freitag, Joanne Neill, Josh Odd, Joshua Lopez, Joy Jacquez, Kacie Galtier, Katt Wakkwáho Montour, Kelly Burichin, Kelv Grant, Kiran Gandhi, Kristie Whitaker, Kyra Coates, Lola Heasley, Mark S. Gagne, Marsha Ostrande, Matt Graves, Melissa Davies, Michael Moynihan, Michelle White, Nathan Steinke, Nicole Anton, Obi Zovra, Paul Timmons, Rachel Lewis, Roni Rae Robbins, Roo Falcon, Sarah Torgerson, Seth Groves, Shelbie Droelle Duvall, Steve Umbaugh, Tanya Stone, Tonya Lynn Smith, Trip Morris, William Palm and William Renfro.

Thank you to all these artists for their submissions and wonderful visions!

Check out the last highlight reel…

Highlight Reel 2

Highlight Reel – Volume Three
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