This is going to start off rather silly because I don’t know Pride Mapfumo in the least.  All I know is the work produced from this art god is the most fascinating and awe inspiring watercolors I have ever seen.

Turns out we have 14 mutual friends so I sent him a request.  Not sure if Pride is a boy or a girl hence “art god”. I did some leg work;

Pride currently lives in Harare, Zimbabwe. On Bad Ass Art you know him or her as Pride Mapfumo, but also goes by Pride Nyasha and Pride Nyasha Mapfumo.  With shovels in hand we did some more digging and it turns out 1.6 times, Pride is a girl’s name, but we have yet to know.  For purposes of this article I am going to go with “him”…That’s right I am a betting man.

Let the interview begin!

Me: “Where are you from?”

Pride: “I’m from Zimbabwe, born and raised. I live in Harare, the capital city.”

Me: “How long have you been creating watercolors?”

Pride: “Well I was introduced to watercolors in high school (I was about sixteen or so) but my main medium was oils so I rarely used them. It was only like 5 years later, when I was in architecture school when I thought I should really give them a go, so I guess I could say I have been using them for three years.”

Me: “You are really good at it, I am glad you gave them a go…”

Pride: “Thanks! They are very liberating. I enjoy expressing my thoughts in a naked manner, everything on the table so they are the best medium for that in my opinion.. the way the blend together and how the most times give surprising results even to me the artist haha.”

Me: “So we are all dying to know, what is your favorite color?”

Pride: “I don’t necessarily have a favorite color, it really depends on what I’m trying to convey. However, I mostly use warm colors, the burnt sienna(s), red, orange, yellow etc..”

Me: “I really dig your color palette, I know it’s your work as soon as I see it.”

Pride: “Its very flattering that a person can recognize my work without even looking at the name.”

Me: “One of admins was wondering what’s the inspiration or vision when creating artwork?”

Pride: “Well, I am inspired by love and relationships, how they affect us and how we as people react to it all. I know we are weirdly connected as humans that’s why certain artworks affect people from across the world in a similar manner. So when I paint, I am really trying to share my experiences and thoughts, so whenever people resonate with the pieces I always feel understood.”

Me: “I can feel that from your works, almost if you are asking us to question love and relationships.”

Me: “Did art aliens brain wash you & that’s why you are so brilliant?”

Pride: “LOL, I will take that as a compliment!”

Me: “Do you have a head shot of yourself holding a painting or pic of painting?”

Pride: “I never actually take pictures of myself hahaha.”

Me: “Any advice for people picking up the paint brush for the first time?”

Pride: “My advice to new artists would be to be open minded and patient, to always know that its a process that improves with practice and vulnerability. I am personally interested in artwork that elicits some form of emotion. As an artist I feel the more you are in touch with your thoughts, demons and emotions, the better your artwork will be, so, don’t be afraid to explore your mind.”

Me: “This has been a real pleasure Pride”

Pride: “The pleasure is mine!, thank you also for appreciating my work. I enjoyed this!”

And that’s the interview…Let’s see some of Pride’s watercolors!

Admin Comments

“He really is the Best WaterColourist I have Seen in a Long Time. Blows me Away Every Time!!” – Ky

“Pride is an artistic genius, I love this individual’s work so much. Pride is so consistent with blowing me away, I seriously don’t know another artist that my insides squeal every time I see another piece. #ArtCrushOnPoint” – Jane

Because of my interstellar mind reading abilities…I know what your are asking. Holy shit, is Pride’s art for sale? Where can I purchase a few prints?  Can we eat him and digest his art talents, consuming his art powers? (Ok, maybe a few of you were thinking that…)

The answer to your question is yes, you can buy prints from none other than Society6!  That’s right, with our BAA surveillance drone we were able to catch Pride caught dead in the act of uploading his latest artworks to his profile page. Further investigation led to the actual hyper text transfer protocol, or http for all you geeks, which is below.

^ There yah go! Check out Pride’s art for sale, follow and share away!

Editor’s Note: Everyone here at the Bad Ass Art Group Headquarters is thoroughly convinced Pride is actually a neutron star formed after a super nova of art exploded and created a non-physical art god that floats in the Universe and from time to time transverses the multi-dimensions to enjoy a little water-coloring in our reality.

Big shout out to Pride for agreeing to do this interview and let us create a Featured Artist page! Hope you all have enjoyed this!

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