We put in an alien abduction request to zap Megan from her home and fly her over next to Jupiter for this Bad Ass Art Group interview but the waiting list is soo long for alien ride-alongs that we ended up having to use this old tech called the internet.  Nonetheless, the interview went flawless and it’s my complete pleasure to present it here for you all to read! Big shout out to Megan and Martinho for taking a moment to do this.

Martinho: “So, first tell us a little bit about yourself (Age, Nationality, Where you grew up, little family background and your favorite hobbies growing up).”

Megan: “I am from Johnsburg, Illinois And now live in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.. I am half Greek and that’s where I get my sensitivity for fine art making. My favorite hobbies were rocks, rock and roll music, drawing while at parties and all day at school and never coming home.”

Martinho: “Primarily, what kind of artist are you and what do you do exactly?”

Megan: “I was an oil painter for 20 years and gave it all up for watercolor and dry mediums on paper and I dabble in printmaking and love scratchboard etchings.”

Martinho: “I hear you like movies a lot.”

Megan: “Yes I devour art house films. And I’m a huge Pink Floyd fan. Its how I relate to people… lol.”

Martinho: “When sharing your art online, how do you prefer to experience their interaction with your art?”

Megan: “I prefer the comments a lot. I’ve rarely gotten a rude person who didn’t like it. I guess that’s lucky. I of course appreciate the likes and the shares will get a friend request and a comment thanking them because its so humbling.”

Martinho: “What is it about ArtHouse Films that connects with you?”

Megan: “Well, I think the human connection, and the plots that are a bit more meandering attract my attention.”

Martinho: “So you’ve had a pretty positive and encouraging experience with those who interact with your posts? Could you share the secret for all other artists out there who would like to get the same results?”

Megan: “Yes, things have been really positive all around and I’ve had the privilege to work with some great people from it all. I think if you make sure that you have a striking, moving piece of work, people will engage. I have a circle of friends that aren’t artists, and they give pretty good ideas or help me decide things.”

Megan: “My favorite art house film is Basquiat. My favorite film of all time is Amadeus.”

Martinho: “Reading back your answers, when you say your hobbies were rocks, rock and roll music, drawing while at parties and all day at school and never coming home.. Do you mean your hobby was to never come home? or that you would never draw coming home? lol.”

Megan: “My parents really couldn’t discipline me, and I just was barely ever home. I basically left at 17. I was always at some party drawing while everyone was around me talking and partying lol.”

Martinho: “I personally haven’t seen your work so tell me, what is your current thing. How do you make art these days? Share a little of your process.”

Megan: “I work in a few different processes, I usually draw from a reference photo. I get inspiration from photos my friends take a lot. Then I decide which media to use and most of my work becomes mixed media.. And it all depends on my surface that I decide to use. Lots of my work ends up ink and watercolor if the paper is white. I do portraits on grey paper with pencil and white colored pencil and a lot of photoshop. I’m finding colored pencil work is a good substitute for oil painting. I’m more of a drawer than a painter.”

Martinho: “Would you say that art has saved you?”

Megan: “Yes art has saved me a million times over.”

Martinho: “Art has saved me too. Many many times.”

Megan: “Isn’t that wonderful?”

Martinho: “It is amazing. My biggest love has saved my life. Sounds cliche but it is a beautiful love story.  Another question, do you do have any other creative outlet besides Drawing and Painting?”

Megan: “I used to write poetry, short stories and During school years ago I was always dancing.”

Martinho: “Used to? What happened?”

Megan: “I had to get a job so I worked for the main american pharmacy for 17 years”

Martinho: “us artist struggle to make a living simply off of our art. Is working at the pharmacy what helped you support your passion?”

Megan: “No. Quitting pharmacy was the best thing”

Martinho: “Please explain.”

Megan: “I worked to pay the bills, and working in pharmacy sucked the life from me.”

Martinho: “That seems to be what happens. So what did you do?”

Megan: “It was difficult to make time for art making until I could afford to re-prioritize my life and only need to work there 3 days a week. Then I got down to one day a week. Then in 2015 I quit,And I am living fully, And that breeds inspiration and creation becomes second nature.”

Martinho: “That is very nice Megan. You are an inspiration to us all.”

Megan: “Aww that’s so nice to tell me, thank you so much.”

Martinho: “I heard from Nathan that you are a Mentor. tell us a little about that. I am very curious.”

Megan: “Well I just spew info, When I feel safe And then if I see a person responding. I spew more.”

Martinho: “What is it that you mentor about? What do you feel most confident on?”

Megan: “I just like to share info that I feel someone may really be able to use or help, then a sort of safe zone or comfort gets established and I can really speak freely and jive with someone.”

Martinho: “Very cool. quick question: when did you join the Bad Ass Art group?”

Megan:” I’m confident all across the board with lots of things. I’m pretty secure. Hmm, probably 3 months ago”

Martinho: “Megan, you’ve been very nice to chat with. Please share with us all of your info so we can see more of your art.”

Megan: Www.facebook.com/ArtOfMeganMelonas

Megan is going to be our guest star during The Night Owl: Aftershow! Hosted by Mr. Martinho and co-hosted by myself, proudly presented by The Bad Ass Art Group! Set your clocks! It’s on July 30th, 2017. Show starts at 7pm (Central) and the aftershow starts at 8:30pm (Central)
Here is the link to the event: The Night Owl Episode 10 Streaming Live on July 30th, 2017

Be sure to check out the rest of Megan’s art here: Www.facebook.com/ArtOfMeganMelonas

She also has a on-line store where you can purchase and view even more of her work: https://store11695352.ecwid.com/

Thank you again for letting us feature you Megan!

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