This may seem obvious to some of you but Kat actually likes cats, picture after picture of her feline displayed proudly on her facebook wall and I am pretty sure there is a dog in there too but this particular black pussycat has clearly won her heart.  She also enjoys photography, painting and it appears Tarot readings.

Kat has been with us from the beginning; contrary to popular belief that she is in fact a reincarnated Egyptian guard cat that watched over the Pharaoh’s massive art collection.  Everyone here loves her. She is smart, quick and caring. Oh, she is a button lover and one of the best BIC artist I have the pleasure of calling a friend.


Ok it’s time to interview her!

Me: “What’s the hardest creative roadblock you have experienced?”

Kat: “The hardest roadblock ever was when I was younger. I completely quit art all together for like 20 years.”

Me: “Oh wow! Why did you go back?”

Kat: “It was odd. I was staying at a friends house & she had some colored pencils & pens..I was bored really & my therapist at the time suggested that I should get back to art…that was 2005 & I have been into it ever since.”

Me: “So glad you did you are very talented!”

Kat: “Thanks a lot Nathan… ? I am too!”

Me: “Sooo….What is your least favorite medium?”

Kat: “Hmm..that’s a tough one..I use most of them as a way to switch it up when I get bored. I would have to say airbrushing, I prefer spray paint cans over the airbrush, I can’t seem to get the hang of it.”

Me: “Oh I remember you were doing some test runs with the airbrush.”

Kat: “Short lived…I may bust it back out.”

Me: “If you had to choose to only use one “art tool” for the rest of your life, what would that be?”

Kat: “I would have to choose pens.”

Me: “I knew it, why pens?”

Kat: “I love Bics! They are what I started with & I love shading with them. I can do a lot of different styles with them.”

Me: “If you could be any animal, which would you choose?”

Kat: “A tiger. Maybe a lion…definitely a feline of sorts.”

Me: “Is it hard to paint with paws?”

Kat: “My cat thinks it’s!”

Me: “Coffee or Tea?”

Kat: “Coffee for life! I live off of coffee & wine.”

Me: “When you won the 50 Shades of Green Admin Art Contest, did you do a little dance?”

Kat: “I did! I was so tickled, I never have won a cover contest before & I was sure that I wasn’t going to win going up against the most talented artists on the internet! ? You guys are amazing!! I can’t wait to login & see what you all create”

Me: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Kat: “I have never thought that way..I know that I should..but I am a “in the moment” kind of person…fly by my pants & all that jazz. Hopefully living on the beach.”

Me: “Any advice for people just getting started as artists?”

Kat: “I do…I would tell them to keep at it. You are going to get discouraged & some of your work may not be the way you want it to look but just keep going! Oh, & ignore the negative response that you get…there are always people that will try to bring you down, they can’t help it. Their negativity is about them & not you…just remember that. & try all of the mediums!”

Me: “That is some excellent wisdom right there. Well Kat! That is it. It’s been a real pleasure and thank you so much for taking time to answer some questions for us all!”

Kat: “I will try to remember & thank you for taking time to interview me! You are the best!”

Me: “Awesome thanks Kat!”

Kat: “Absolutely, I feel honored.”

Alright that’s the interview! Let’s check out some of Kat’s artworks.


Kat is the proud winner of the first ever 50 Shades of Green Admin Art Contest! We did a small article about it over here, 50 Shades of Green Admin Art Contest. (Here’s the deal, if I mention the 50 Shades of Green Admin Art Contest 5 times, Jim said he would pay me $5.)

With half a bag of catnip rolled and romped on, Kat finally fell back to sleep in the window sill waiting 5 hours until the sun hits her just right.  Patience.

It was a wonderful moment with Kat to sit in our respected lives and across vast distances have a one on one chat about art and life.  Thank you all for taking time to read this article.  I encourage you to like, love and share the hell out of this!

What’s that you said? Do we have more Featured Artists? Sure do!

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Featured Artist – Kat Johnston
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  • May 10, 2017 at 9:48 pm

    Kat is an amazing talent and I’m very happy to see her as a featured artist! Way to go Kat!

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