Well. Well. Well. First on the chopping block is Danny Dunn! While passing an imaginary peace pipe I convinced him to let me type up the first ever artist feature…you know for testing purposes.  What he doesn’t know is that there is a wagon full of battle fury clowns headed straight for his front door armed with their pointed, crooked and very terrifying teeth as well as balloon animals that sort of resemble a laughable, semi-engorged, male water buffalo phallic (…apparently there is no plural of phallic…phallus? Who knows…) Anyway. On with the Artist Feature!

Danny Dunn – Painter, musician and one bad ass gentleman.

We love him.  We drool over his creative 6 foot by 4 foot ultra minimalist series White#1. But truly all joking aside, Danny Dunn’s creative process starts and ends with complete attention to every detail.

He has a bazillion different art techniques up his sleeve and paints with incredible passion.  His subject matter is all over the map, from flashy fine line cars to underwater deep sea fish (guess all fish are underwater…) then it’s off to crazy abstraction land with exploding colors.

He plays the guitar and enjoys being incredibly handsome (for you ladies) while shredding some fret bars.  I can only assume he drives somewhat of a decent car and probably has a normal sex life.  Personally I have never met Danny but if I did, I would totally talk him out of one of his paintings.

Intel suggests that Danny paints mostly oil but is known to scoop up some markers and go to town on a shinny, chromed out hot rods.

Being that is a test subject for a new section on our website…I’ll just continue on to ramble. Let’s ask Danny some questions…

What is your name? (Start him off with an easy one…)

What is your quest?

What is your favorite color?

Fortunately for us, it’s very easy to see all of Danny’s work with a simple search to the Bad Ass Art group on facebook. Check out Danny’s art here. Well it’s more of all of Danny’s posts to the group.

Apparently he has over 1,200+ friends on facebook which completely tops my measly 200.  He seems to be in photos with lots of people so he isn’t that anti-social, which is completely contrary to popular belief, because let me tell you something…we were all thinking he must be an alien from a planet where oil paints are free. Turns out, he saved his entire home world from utter annihilation with a single sneeze and hence they have awarded him with a life time supply of quality oil paints. What an incredible story. A single sneeze… 

Thanks Danny for sharing your art with our world and being a bad ass art admin for our group, it’s been a real pleasure so far. Be sure to say hi to Danny if you see him wandering around Florida, but don’t feed him!

Update: We had the pleasure for having Danny Dunn on live during our Sunday broadcast of The Night Owl! Click Here for Episode 11.


Yes, we do have very rare and highly controversial image that Danny has ever done. White#1. (It’s all about the title right?)

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Featured Artist – Danny Dunn
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