High in the Clubhouse, floating about we nailed out an incredibly detailed plan of a very secret Bad Ass Art ritual, complete with hidden eye gestures and secret handshakes. We pounded each bullet point with a roofing hammer, driving yet another spike into a coffin full of blocked members and “non-creatives”.  We needed an artist…”Who to feature next?”, we muttered and questioned whilst lounging about our round imaginary table.

With sacrifices in hand we summoned the mighty art Gods to grant us a name…within moments the coffin was set ablaze and our humble offerings devoured by the mighty art Gods. (I have to refer to them as the mighty art Gods…it’s in the blood contract…anyway.) The candle flames grew into firey pillars and one name was finally uttered…Andy Gill.

We gathered torches, pitchforks, rope and sharpened shovels…the plot was simple. Kidnap Andy and eat his body…(after we cook him.) Digesting all his art powers in a single snack just like in the movie Conan.  Turns out Andy lives miles away somewhere in the almost warm climate of Canada.

So it’s onto the interview instead! Take it away Kat!

Kat: “Hi guys! I created a group for us so that Nathan can copy our interview to the article. There will be some fun, silly questions & some serious ones too. I am at work right now..but we can start the interview whenever you are ready Andy. If a haircut comes in I may stop for a few minutes, then I will be back. Let me know when you are ready.”

Andy:  “Opps..I forgot about this. And I have company..watching a movie.”

Kat: “No worries, we can pick this up tomorrow, or whenever you are ready.”

Andy: “Oh gee. I am under commission all week I totally forgot about this…so sorry.”

Kat: “All good..It will only take a few minutes..so just let me know when you can give up about 15 to 30 mins.”

SUN 4:50PM

Nathan: “Awesomeness! Hiya Kat hiya Andy!”

Andy: “Your asking questions in Messanger? Messenger *”

Kat: “Hi Nathan..& yes, Andy…if you want I can ask a question & you can answer at your leisure…then when I am done I will say “that’s a wrap””

Andy: “ok..while my company when to the store..i can answer these. ? went *”

Kat: “So Andy..there is a rumor going around that you are actually an alien sent here to document our spices through portrait art. Is this true?”

Andy: “oh..hahaha no ?

Kat: “Oh..well I am glad we got to set that straight. So how long have you been an artist?”

Andy: “That has to be answered in 2 parts..1:hobbies almost 50 years Professional:20 years but..I made my first sale in grade 8.”

Kat: “Wow! That explains why you are so awesome! Are you self taught then?”

Andy: “Some, grade/high school University, and college.”

Kat: “Very cool. Do you only do portrait art? & what is your favorite medium?”

Andy: “Color pencil and Acrylic paint. Different topics ?

Kat: “Sweet! I am familiar with your portraits. They are amazing! What inspires you to draw a person?”

Andy: “Eyes and a smile, but ..mostly the eyes.”

Kat: “What is your favorite cookie?”

Andy: “Chocolate chip chunk ?

Kat: “Mine too!! What are your views on flossing?”

Andy: “I try, if I remeber to buy the floss. ? remember *”

Kat: “Haha! I get the mint flavored kind. What is your other favorite subject besides people?”

Andy: “Big Cats.”

Kat: “Speaking of cats, I know that you have invented a technique to keep cat’s off of your art…brilliant..tell us about that Feel free to share your YouTube link too.”

Andy: “Allow a spot nearby for them to lay. ? https://www.youtube.com/user/Arrtist11/videos

Kat: “Mine are always “helping”.. Okay last thing here. What advice would you give to aspiring artists?”

Andy: “Never give up.”

Kat: “That’s great advice! Thank you so much for taking time out for this interview! I know how busy you are!! Nathan will be doing the intro & the outro for your feature…”

Andy: “On Sunday…never.I just totally forgot, and had a friend dropping in to watch movies, and have a drink.. :)

Kat: “Cool!! Enjoy the rest of your evening ?

Andy: :)

Nathan:? sweet you two! That’s awesome!”

Kat: “Hi Nathan, I chickened out h didn’t ask him about the which death he would prefer..fire or freezing ?.”

Andy: “Fire..and I want my ashes tossed into the nearest river ?


Nathan: “Nice!”

Andy: “g-night folks ?

Nathan: “Do you mind if I post 20 or so pictures of your Andy to go with your article?

Andy: “Sure…fill your boots ?

Nathan: “Night man. Thanks again! Oh and let us know if you have websites and links for people to hire ya!”

Andy: “and..ty ?

Kat: “???”


Nathan: “Nice thanks!”

Andy: “Does my AMC appearance matter?”

Nathan: “What’s AMC?”

Kat: “You had an AMC appearance!”

Andy: AMC TV station ..the fan art promo

Kat: :o

Nathan: “Oh no shit? Is there a video somewhere?”

Kat: “Wow!”

Nathan: <- nudges Kat

Andy:https://vimeo.com/184587968 let me know if that works.”

Kat: “So…cool!!”

Andy: “Near the end..about 3 seconds.”

Kat: “I didn’t know that you were famous!”

Nathan: “Oh that is awesome!”

Andy: “Nor did i..lol”

Kat: “It works & that is so bad…..ASS”

Andy: “Then there was a local follow up.”


Nathan: “Our little website is so meager…Thanks for doing this Andy.”

Andy:http://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=995532&binId=1.1145463&playlistPageNum=1 local TV station found out..and wanted an interview.”

Kat: “That’s so cool..I bet they didn’t ask you about flossing though..huh?”

Andy: “nope…lmao”

Nathan: “Ok I love you.”

Kat: “Haha!! That is so cool..watching it as we type.”

Andy:“There ya have it..I have submitted new art to AMC ..in hopes to make it to a new promo video.”

Nathan: “As in you are an awesome human…”

Andy: “This all happened..because of sharing on social media.”

Kat: “That is so damm cool!”

Nathan: “So happy you are among us Andy…so cool man.”

Kat: “But it also helps that you are brilliant. I saw your cat too!!”

Andy: “I spent my entire life Black sheep …my mom never gave up on my art or my dream..She is passed away now, and I do this for her.”

Kat: “On the interview..that guy is your…CAT..LOL”

Andy: “I ..am just an artist. ..the people make the art become..what it is ?

Kat: “Aw, Andy..that is touching. I saw the part where she gave you a pencil when you were tiny & that’s what started it all ❤

Andy: “Yes.”

Kat: “Love it!! Absolutely awesome back story!”


Nathan: “Ok here is the part Kat and I steal your soul…”

Andy: “Some say…it is redemption…others say..it is a vengence. I say..it is following ( living ) a dream no matter the walls and the plp that do not believe. ..never give up. Do it. for “you” and your passion..not for anyone else ?

Nathan: “Yeah man. For YOU…that matters the most.”

Andy: “Art is my soul..you can not have it…it is on a path you can not follow.”

Andy: “My mother set the path…I walk it alone.”

Nathan: “Remember that scene in Conan the barbarian where they are trying to eat the magician over a fire to take his powers?”

Andy: “and..the art..stands alone, apart from the artist.”

Kat: “That’s it…art is so personal..definitely a spiritual thing.”

Kat: “Nathan…always trying to steal soul’s & shiz…lol”

Andy: “The Evil Spirits were arriving to take Conans soul. The Wizard fought to save it.”

Nathan: “Ooh maybe I am thinking The Destroyer…the one with the room of mirrors.”

Kat: “Oh..I never watched Conan…too much of a dick flick.”

Nathan: “Hahahaha”
Andy: “yes…he had to break the mirrors to destroy the monster i have those movies on my server…lol dick flick…I was always into chick flicks.”

Nathan: “Yeah…well I see your next project has just been born…have not seen a Conan from ya.”

Andy: “I love a good romance movie. Not yet…there are 2 Conans now, I want to draw Arnold..but. I have to decide what “period””

Nathan: “You ever try full body?”

Andy: “Yes.”


Nathan: “Xena bro…What……?”

Nathan: “So what do you think we could do to improve Bad Ass Art?”

Kat: “DAMMM!”

Andy: “Improve..allow artistic freedom ( to a point ) due to kids nudity in folders, and religious and political art to be monitored.”

Nathan: “My mom doesn’t like our language…Makes sense.”

Andy: “and..if it is a copy writting topic..let the artist worry. Set a disclosure..to protect the group and owners..in case a copy written topic is in trouble.”

Nathan: “I usually suggest astral burning…still working to voodoo…”

Andy: “Spider-Man…copy written…set a disclosure.”

Nathan: <- grabs a duck feather and squid ink

Andy: lmao

Kat: “Haha! Yeah, that’s definitely a great idea! Maybe we should add a disclaimer to the description.”

Nathan: “All makes sense we will add some from of the above. Some legal shit in there.”

Nathan: <- gives a solid nod

Andy: “I joined a group..over 250,000 members..more rules then worth reading. We are the last of the freedom fighters…the Media ( writers ) are being suppressed by the American government..Actors ) dramatic arts ) the same.”

Kat: “Ew..we try to support creative freedom. Except for the racist stuff. True, true!! You know..like the swastikas.”

Andy: “Understand this..”racist” is a profitable arrangement right now. Place your mind on everything ( around raical injustice ) police, law reinforcement, surveillance, and people hired to maintain this…racial injustice in USA is a profit driven service. Home security is big bucks.”

So…After this we had a nice long chat about the human race and how we are all doomed to die.  It’s true! There really is no other way around living.  Going to break our little interview here…

Andy: “On that note..its 1am here..I should go to watch a movie.”

Nathan: <- bows

Andy: “Thanks again both of you ?

Nathan: “Andy it’s been a real pleasure.”

Andy: “no no ..I am honored ?

Nathan: “Thanks for sharing your featured spots on tv. That’s fucking killer.”

Andy: “anytime..i was floored by it.. lol all ..because someone was sharing my art.”

Nathan: “We hope to do the same!”

Kat: “You rock Andy! Thank you so much ❤

Andy: “and..i share other artists work all the time\thanks to you guys…for working on helping all artists.”

Kat: “That’s a wrap ?

Nathan: “If 20 clowns show up at your door tonight Andy…it wasn’t us!”Kat: “Totally not us…”

And there you have it! Andy Gill! Be sure to check out all his art on Devinart: http://andygill1964.deviantart.com/

Featured on AMC Fan Art Spot here: https://vimeo.com/184587968

Featured on Local News: http://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=995532&binId=1.1145463&playlistPageNum=1

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