Using an invisible spy network of fairies we were able to track down Dharma T. Lefevre and suspend time long enough with our newly remodeled Time Suspension Device to have a quick interview with her.

Me: “Ok well, Thank you so much for being available to do this interview! I am a big fan of your work!”

Dharma: “Thanks so Much! It’s always cool to hear appreciation from another artist.”

Me: “You are so welcome! I have a burning question to start…How do you pronounce your name?”

Dharma:Ok my actual given name is Jenna Lefevre. Dharma is a nickname. It’s pronounced lah fay vuh. H is silent..

Dharma: “I get lafarve constantly. Thanks Packers.”

Me: “Hehehe That’s too cute!”

Dharma: “Heh…”

Me: “Dharma is just like it sounds?”

Dharma: “Yup like Dharma and Greg.”

Me: “Right! Got It! Sweet, so you have lots of art, how long have you been painting?”

Dharma: “If you get to know me..that t.v. show is like the Truman show. I taught myself to paint 6 years ago after taking a 25 years hiatus from art. Went from 30 min a day to oh crap it’s 2am!”

Me: “That is awesome! Are you self taught?”

Dharma: “Besides the art in school..yup. My mom’s side of the family was big into as a,kid I was around it a lot.”

Me: “Yes you have very beautiful pieces. I love the ones with the shiny gold…”

Dharma: “I Love them too, they remind me of guilded illustration. I’m heavy into older illustrations style.. ”

Me: “Yeah they have like an Egyptian feel to them…”

Dharma: “I actually wanted to be an illustrator for Dungeons and Dragons ..When I was like 19 I met a few of the artists and it was so freaking mind blowing that I wanted to do it. So I aimed for a few companies and did portfolios geared towards their tabletops.”

Dharma: “Sorry tangent lol”

Me: “I was gonna ask you your most memorable moment as an artist…”

Dharma: “Probably showing my portfolio to Larry Elmore at Gencon. He got me a gig with the game Ars Magica. That or going to”

Me: “Oh wow! So you have your work published in a a Role Playing Game???”

Dharma: “Yes. In three Ars Magica books..Mideval Beastiary, The secrets and one other that escapes me because it was a header/splash.”

Dharma: “Then after that I stopped doing art. Weird huh?”

Me: “Yeah that is weird. You made it! So do you just paint large canvases these days?”

Dharma: “Oh I’ll paint anything that has a good surface. I get bored with mediums so I’m constantly playing around, but I love large gives you a lot of freedom to get ideas out and not feel caged. And it spoils you. Because once you paint huge you want to paint everything huge.”

Me: “Oh I totally understand you there, what is the largest thing you have painted?”

Dharma: “A mural that was 25 foot across and 14 foot tall..locked myself in a warehouse and just painted.”

Me: “Completely agree! 25 feet across…wowsers…You sound like fun! That’s awesome. Ok so describe yourself in 3 words for our readers…”

Dharma: “Ah the dreaded existential question… uh…Quirky, dreamer and spiritual. Wait. Rose.colored.glasses. That is so me…”

Me: “Nice good answer, love it! And what about your 3 wishes?”

Dharma: “Hmmm.. For my art? I want more than anything in the world to be invited to Art Basel. And finally..I want to know that out of everything my art means or does..that it inspires at least one person to get up off the couch and follow their dream.”

Dharma: “Cause I did that..and I want all the Kermit the frog dreamers to find that.”

Me: “Kermit the Frog Dreamers?”

Dharma: “The lovers..the dreamersss and me.Yeah Muppet movie reference.”

Me: “Oooh I guess Kermit was pretty badass! So you wouldn’t wish to fly or money…”

Dharma:No. Money is pointless in the long run.. flying is scary

Me: “So do you think you would move to Mars if given the chance?”

Dharma: “Oh God no. If there’s one thing that absolutely terrifies me it’s space..or space travel..”

Me: “What’s that phobia?”

Dharma: “I’m not sure..but I blame a lot of it watching Close encounters when I was 4. Haha.”

Me: “Hehehe, That was a pretty scary show! Speaking of movies, have and all time favs?”

Dharma: “I love “The Fall” heavy visual movie directed by Tarsem Singh. And The last Unicorn.”

Me: “The Last Unicorn…aww that is adorable. Pretty sure that one makes me cry.”

Me: “Ok I wrote this one up earlier, Where do you think monsters spend most of their down time, in the closet or under the bed?”

Dharma:The flipping closet. Gah so much nightmares about the closet people as,a kid.

Me: “Oh there was like a whole society of them?”

Dharma: “No just the ones in my closet..the clothing looked like hanging people to me.”

Me: “Yeah you are right, so I am guessing the doors stayed close while sleeping…How is your insomnia these days?”

Dharma:Much much better. And yes closet doors still closed to this day.

Me:Have any furmances? Like cats or dogs…?

Dharma:Nope.. no time for them…I want a king Charles spaniel tho. No pets…yet.

Me:Well there goes my next 6 questions…hahaha Do you read books, have any favorite authors?

Dharma:Haha!!! Neil gaiman Beat authors. Kerouac..Palahniuk, Hunter S. Rhompson, Tom Robbins.”

Me:I see, I don’t read very much at all but I will check them out if I do…Do you have a favorite piece of art that you have painted?

Dharma:Yes my emperor ming. I took a month to work on it. And it’s the thing I’m most proud of.

Me:I think I saw that one on your facebook page. Is there any other way to reach you?

Dharma: “Yeah I’ll send it to you. ”

Dharma:Yup via email I check my email more than my text messages.

Me: “Ok sweet! Well this has been a blast! I try to keep it under 45 mins or so. But before we end the interview here I have one more deep question that I like to ask all Featured Artists…”

Me: “What’s your advice to new artists just starting out?”

Dharma: “Don’t stop. Don’t get fustrated..the masterpiece is on the other side of that fear. Just do the thing”

Me: “Yes never stop! Thank you so much Dharma! This has been lots of fun and a real privilege!!!”

Dharma: “Thank you so much!!!”


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