Had the chance to sit down and get to know Devonte M. White a little more! Here is our conversation along with some of his art!

Me: “Alright!  Here we go!  Where are you living these days?”

Devonte: “Atlanta.”

Me: “Oh sweet! Born and raised there?”

Devonte: “Mhm.”

Me: “You mentioned you are going to school…what are you studying?”

Devonte: “It’s a therapy class not a actual school.”

Me: “I see…what type of therapy?”

Devonte: “Like for mental health issues.”

Me: “That’s very cool! Probably could use you myself! So how long have you been arting for?”

Devonte: “I have been doing art since I was in elementary school.”

Me: “You have some time in as an artist! What’s your all time favorite medium?”

Devonte: “I normally use crayons and color pencils some time markers that doesn’t bleed.  I also use digital.”

Me: “Yeah I was checking out some of the art you posted on the group. Did I read something about a comic or coloring book you are working on?”

Devonte: “Probably a comic book what did you see?”

Me: “It was some outlines but not colored in…”

Devonte: “Did you save the picture I normally don’t Color comic strip pages I just draw them out some time.”

Me: “I was just searching your name on the group…what’s the comic you are designing about?”

Devonte: “It was probably something from Batman.”

Me: “Aah alright. I’ll have to check them out a little more when we are done. So the big question…do you believe in ghosts?”

Devonte: “Yeah what makes you say that that? Lol.”

Me: “I always like to ask questions about ghosts and aliens…”

Devonte: “If you read some of my lyrics you will see I talk about them a lot.”

Me: “Oh that’s right! So do you sing as well?”

Devonte: “I can sing a little but not that good I mainly rap.”

Me: “Very cool! Do you have anything recorded online?”

Devonte: “I do but it’s older music not my recent music from this year.”

Me: “I see..well when you upload some new stuff be sure to let us all know!”

Devonte: “I will when I find the right time you can check out my older music on my YouTube channel.”

Me: “I’ll be sure to add the link in the article! What other skills and hobbies do you have?”

Devonte: “That’s about it really I write fan fiction stories and short horror stories.”

Me: “That’s some creative juices you have!  So where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Devonte: “Lol in five years I see myself with some of the car’s I have on GTA irl and probably working for a comic book company or have my own at least.”

Me: “Those are some great goals to have!”

Devonte: “Check my picture album you will see the car’s I have there.”

Me: “I certainly will! Alright last question, what advice would you give to artists that are just starting out?”

Devonte: “I will tell them don’t try a style of a another artist until you figure out your own style of art that your comfortable with”

Me: “That’s great advice Devonte! Makes perfect sense. Thanks for taking time to chat a bit…I’ll get this typed up and ready to go!”

Find Devonte on-line below:

Facebook: @Kingemo21

Youtube: https://youtu.be/yxn0zNyA-yI

(You can read some of Devonte’s Stories over here…)
Fan Fiction: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13041269/1/The-conjuring-series

Devonte M. White – Featured Artist
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