It was my pleasure to talk with Dan Kraus today as our Featured Artist! Get to know a little more about him and his incredible art…

Me: “Hiya Dan! Thank you so much for taking time to chat with me a bit!”

Dan: “Hello!”

Me: “First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Do anything exciting for your big day?”

Dan: “Why thank you and yes I did, I spent some time with my wife and our grandson then I had lunch with my mom…I came home relaxed and drew the rest of the day.”

Me: “You are so welcome! Wow that sounds like a wonderful day! I have been checking out your art for quite some time now. Do you draw every day?”


Dan: “Yes, every free moment I’ll be sketching something, I carry around one of many sketchbooks. I have a few different ones for ink, graphite etc. I’m always drawing!”

Me: “That’s a good idea for an artist on the go! Have you tried other mediums and if so how was the outcome?”

Dan: “I mess around with watercolor, colored pencil and some acrylic paints, I’ve had good results but I love the look of black and white, it speaks to me. I love to see vivid color everywhere and do my best to simplify it lol!”

Me: “Well you do an excellent job at it man! I am guessing you have been creating art for a while now, when did you really get the hang of it and have it become an obsession?”

Dan: “I have loved art my whole life and dabbled with doodles on and off for a long time. I really got involved about five years ago, I had open heart surgery and couldn’t work my norm so to maintain sanity I drew every day.”

Me: “Oh wow! That’s intense! Art is a great therapy to so many in that way. I hope you have been feeling better afterwards! Did you go to art school or anything?”

Dan: “Thank you, I’ve helped some people with art therapy, great out for them. No, no formal training. I draw what I see in my mind until I feel it’s correct to display.”

Me: “Damn, well I must say you have some skills! I was just going to ask you where you find inspiration for some of your work?”

Dan: “Hmm, everything inspires me from flowers to the macabre so it’s really hard to pinpoint anything specific. Everything I see I study and imagine what it would look like on paper.”

Me: “I can seriously tell that in your work. It’s so imaginative and trippy, really gets the mind working! How about your favorite, goto subject matter?”

Dan: “That’s easy, eyes! I love the eyes.”

Me: “Yup yup, I totally agree with you there. Can draw eyes in eyes around eyes all day long! Is there some symbolism behind them for you?”

Dan: “I’m not sure if it’s something I’m really aware of or subconscious. I think I held my head down most of my life and was afraid to look at people. Now I want to see everyone’s eyes and i hold my head up and gaze into them lol some must think I’m strange!”

Me: “Gazing into strangers eyes…hehehe. Did I see a picture of you in Uniform?”

Dan: “Yes you did, I served three years in the Marine Corps.”

Me: “Oh wow! Thank you for you service! They let you go after three years?”

Dan: “Yes, I decided not to make a career out of it…I have some regrets about not staying in.”

Me: “I am pretty sure there is a saying like, “No regrets” or something like that. So I noticed you had an etsy store. What do you sell on it and how is it going for ya?”

Dan: “Ahh, the etsy store really didn’t fare well so I closed it. Trying to direct traffic is a full time job! I post now on Facebook and Instagram and get really great responses, I was contacted by a independent indie movie/ art company in philly that I’ll be working with in the future and I’m part of a start up site directly promoting artists. Can I share the names here?”

Me: “Yes please do! Also we will have your links at the end of the article! Oh that’s awesome about the movie. Are they looking for artwork for the set or like storyboards??”

Dan: “They make independent horror movies and promote local artists. Three company is Jerks Productions in Philadelphia. They have quite an array of awesome artists and like what I do so I’m excited to see what unfolds with them. The website I’ll be on is still under construction but it’s project art u.b.u.”

Me: “That is super exciting! Alright rapid fire questions…Do you believe in Aliens?”

Dan: “Definitely.”

Me: “What about ghosts?”

Dan: “Of course!”

Me: “Interesting, would you help colonize Mars?”

Dan: “Sure would, they’ll need art!”

Me: “That’s a good point! Probably pretty shut in out there…Bath or shower?”

Dan: “Shower while bathing!”

Me: “Oh that is the bomb! What class did you hate the most in highschool?”

Dan: “English.”

Me: “Totally agreed! Cats or dogs?”

Dan: “Dogs! Cats are aliens.”

Me: “Hahaha! They so are, time travelers I hear too! Alright Dan! Well I don’t want to keep you much longer, one last question…What advice would you give to artists just starting out?”

Dan: “Never think you’re not good enough! Practice, practice, practice and create something everyday! Facebook likes or lack of, don’t constitute good or bad art!”

Me: “That is so true! Great advice Dan! Thank you again for doing this interview! If you want to send me your social media links and any other links you want people to know about while I finish up the article that would be sweet!”

Dan: “Sure, @twystedjester on Instagram and my regular Facebook is Dan Kraus Art. I also want to thank you for noticing my art and having me interviewed! It’s a great feeling when people acknowledge what I do!”

Me: “Perfect! You are welcome Dan! Thank you again. Link will be along shortly!”

Dan: “Awesome! Ttyl! Peace!”

There you have it! A little insight into the man behind the art! Thank you so much Dan for taking a moment to talk with us all here! Be sure to check out the rest of Dan’s artwork and follow him via the below links!

Facebook: @MoseyArt

Instagram: @twystedjester

Dan Kraus – Featured Artist
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