Reaching Artists From the Far Distances of Time and Space.

One of the many pleasures this year was meeting Nhell, the singer and guitarist for the band Mad Monsterz, and who also happens to be the brain child behind the art sharing France festival know as, “Monsterz Tea Party”. When we first started chatting I knew nothing about the band, but was very curious about these live art events in France!  It’s so cool meeting other artists from around the world who happen to enjoy sharing art with everyone they can!

Monsterz Tea Party

Today is Thanksgiving during 2017 on the chilly plains of Wisconsin.  Nhell messaged me and noticed we had started to use Instagram for the very first time.  Within a few moments she said she would like to introduce our group to her 4000 followers, and I totally agreed. We laughed about some funny jokes in-between life and death circumstances regarding “video interviews” to “throwing an international art party”…pretty sure I signed something in blood with the mention of “within 24 hours” and then we all laughed some more.

With the ritual complete I set out to find out everything I could about Nhell and her art loving ways.  I started by going into a deep trance by watching video after video of her band playing scary and dark music after eating way to many potatoes, then I focused on projecting myself to France in the attempt to try and visit her daily hangouts much like all of our watchful smartphones.  “Alas!”, I yelled and threw my transparent arms in the air! She must have uninstalled the Astral Map Tracking App…Plan B.

Waking from an induced comma, I grabbed my trusty lodestone and dialed in.  Monsterz Tea Party.  I am pretty sure they all believe in aliens as it seems to be their mascot.  It’s one happy and cute alien too! It’s the type of alien you wouldn’t mind having for a pet…or a space ship limo driver. Beam me up!

The Monsterz Tea Party or as it states in the un-official agreement, MTP, along with the Badass Art Group, now known as BADASS, set off in an art sharing frenzy.  I lightly slurred out I would write up an article about them (yes, this is what you are reading) and share a bunch of their links and social stuff in exchange that they would do the same for all of us.

Here Is One Of The Monsterz Tea Party Festivals!


I Don’t Live In France…

Neither do I! That’s exactly what I thought.  The MTP is doing exactly the same type of art gatherings that eventually BADASS would love to do and my ultimate plan is to delve into the heart and soul of Nhell and find out just what started the whole process off.  Obviously being in a band may have helped.  They are like creative businesses where you learn to work with others through harmony and discords, and eventually learn and grow much like a human plant!

Disguised As Aliens We Conducted A Covert Interview.

Me: “So you are in a band called Mad Monsterz? Are you the singer or?”

Nhell: “Exact!”

Nhell: “I am… well I write/play the guitar/sing. And used to play bass and drums on recordings too, I also do the videos. And the logos etc.”

Me: “Lead or rhythm?”

Nhell: “I am the only guitar. So lead/rythm haha!”

Me: “Sounds familiar! I love what you are all doing over there!”

Me: “Do you have soundcloud or reverbnation?”


Nhell: “Here is the website. There are videos etc”

Me: “Ahh…I see the Monsterz Tea Party is something the band also does?”

Nhell: “The comic book is coming. First pages next month!”

Nhell: “Monsterz tea party was created by me, julia (my wife), paul the drummer of my band and kevin my bestfriend.”

Nhell: “We wanted to create with people.”

Nhell: “And to share new things.”

Nhell: “I don’t want just to play music an try to be a rockstar. I don’t even like playing live.”

Nhell: “I’m a bit shy.”

Me: “I saw that black cube thing…what’s that?”

Nhell: “That’s my bedroom!”

Nhell: “Kidding!”

(we laughed…)

Me: “I wouldn’t be able to play live unless my life depended on it.”

Nhell: “That is where I am during festivals and events. 360° video projection. This is what I do.”

Me: “Is it like a blow up little room?”


Nhell: “At some moments u can see the cube.”

Me: “When is your next festival?”

Nhell: “On June hopefully. We’re trying to get the castle of my town which is also an art center.”

Me: “Oh that is totally badass!”

Nhell: “Maybe we could talk about that too? A collab badass/mtp in real life?”

Me: “Sounds like a cruise to me!”

Nhell: “Hehe well I think we need to talk more.”

Me: “Ok, thanks for a little insight.”

Nhell: “We can talk again. I’m sure we will have new cool ideas!”

Me: “Have a good night! It’s always a pleasure!”

Nhell: “Thank you!”

With one emoji smiley face blowing a kiss later, she was gone and this article documenting what scientist are now referring to as, “Abduction via Text”…was born.

Nhell reached out and wanted to let the Badass Art Group know about her Facebook Page and Instagram account! We have also talked about doing a video interview and possibly an international art get together.

Information We Dug Up…The Evidence If You Will.

They really need people to like their facebook page.  Nhell said they were killing it on Instagram but facebook is difficult for them.  So here I present to you their facebook page:

^ This is their festival page. I heard there was extra good karma and a free life for everyone that gives them a like!

Their Website:

This is where they share all their Monsterz Tea Party Festivals and Events, along with some art and videos!

Their Band, Mad Monsterz:

Whoa…I was just watching some of their videos and wow…well done and kinda of scary, wondering who Nhell really is at this point. I know she is one of the beloved members of our group but…Anyway. Check it out! They are really good!

Monsterz Tea Party, YouTube Channel:

Mad Monsterz, YouTube Channel:

I am sure they would be thrilled if you gave their YouTube channel a thumbs up and subscribed!

Last but not least their Instagram @monsterzteaparty

The Verdict Is In!

It’s true they love aliens, horror music videos and digging holes for potential dead bodies but the truth of the matter is Nhell is a super nice person who just wants to share art and have fun while doing it.  Much like us here at the Badass Art Group! Hope you all had fun reading this article about the Monsterz Tea Party and the Mad Monsterz! It’s been a pleasure!


Covert Interview With Nhell and the Monsterz Tea Party
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