With 5 red candles encompassing random art supplies, they burned with half inch wicks sending plumes of smoking soot into the air while the Art Gods were summoned (Yes, there are more than one…), within seconds the only two words that were mumbled from the ether plane was, Chris Helton…

Me: “Thank you so much Chris for taking time to do this interview!”

Chris: “Thank you for the opportunity to take part. I truly appreciate it!”

Me: “You are so welcome! I am a big fan…so how long have you been creating art?”

Chris: “Right on. I’ve always doodled and enjoyed drawing, but I never got too invested into it until mid 2015. That’s when I got proper supplies and motivation to start taking it more serious. After experimenting with charcoal, artist friends of mine really motivated and inspired me to start sharing it.”

Chris: “Yeh, had she not talked me into it, we wouldn’t be speaking now!”

Me: “Oh no kidding! A few years seriously, that’s incredibly man. Speaking of mediums. What’s your favorite these days?”

Chris: “Lately I’ve been using a lot of acrylic inks, and even more recently gouache paints. I’m really liking the textures and feel so far.”

Me: “Oh wow! I am hoping it was a step in the right direction for you. Did you go to art school?”

Chris: “After working for an architects office for four years, I did attend Architectural school for a few semesters, then changed my major to 3D animation and game art. Both majors had tons of art classes that I really enjoyed.But a lot of what I consider my style is very loose and different than what I was doing in school.”

Me: “Oh sweet! There is much to learn in the 3D realm. What makes it different?”

Chris: “I don’t necessarily mean different as in better or worse than any other artist. What I mean is I don’t strive for realism, or proper proportions and whatnot like much of what we did in school. I’m not restricted to two or three point perspectives and straight lines. That’s why I enjoy creating art, it allows me to do whatever I want and it doesn’t matter how it turns out.”

Me: “Oh I see. That makes lot’s of sense. You are free in the creative space. Do you purposeful challenge what you learned in school these days in your art? Like, really push past those boundaries?”

Chris: “Don’t get me wrong, every artist can definitely learn a lot of useful information from that. But yes I’d say I like to try and push myself into new places, whether it’s mixing mediums usually not combined or something so abstract I’m not even sure what I’ve done haha. Some of my favorite feedback is from hearing how many different things people see in a piece. It’s given new life to my art for me before. Something I would have never noticed on my own.”

Me: “Yes I totally know what you are talking about. Interpretation. Okok…Our readers want to know, do you believe in ghosts?”

Chris: “Was there a poll on this?! Joking aside, I would have to say that’s a tough one to answer. I’ve had some pretty spooky moments in the past that seriously made me question myself.”

Me: “Like poltergeist?”

Chris: “But at the same time, I don’t see all spirits in a negative light that way. Luckily not that intense!”

Me: “I totally agree with you “ghosts” have a bad wrap…do you have any pets?”

Chris: “Just things like slamming doors, that feeling of being watched.”

Me: “Oh dude…I might know some ways to help ya out. Do you feel the essence follows you?”

Chris: “I do! I have a cat named Reverend Sultanis Dovakhiin. He sits on my shoulders like a cat scarf and he will lick you until yohh make him stop. Raised him from birth. He’s muh boy.”

Me: “That answers my question about pets. Cats are totally living in 2 worlds. Do you have any kids?”

Chris: “I don’t think I’m that special or worthy to be followed by an essence hahaha but I am connected with someone who is very spiritual and in touch with her gods and spirits.”

Me: “The ladies want to know…”

Chris: “I do not have kids! But I do currently live with my two nephews and my niece. So I might as well haha…”

Me: “Hehehe. No doubt. That’s awesome. So describe yourself in 3 words.”

Chris: “Peaceful Death Man. Yeh. I think that fits.”

Me: “Do you believe in an after life?”

Chris: “I’ll find out one day I suppose. I like to think the dmt released upon death is so hyper-focused that your last second of life is an eternity of endorphins. Makes it almost something to look forward to know. Naturally occurring of course. But who knows, that’s just something I’ve thought about.”

Me: “Sounds peaceful…Alright, what’s your favorite color?”

Chris: “Anyone that knows me somewhat, especially in the real world outside of the internet, would immediately tell you black. Most definitely black.”

Me: “I completely agree. Ok just a few more questions. What conspiracy do you buy the most?”

Chris: “Pokemon Go was created by the FBI. Research it! For real!”

Me: “Hahaha that’s perfect and I agree! Would you rather fly or breathe underwater?”

Chris: “Dude, flying. All the way . Especially if I had wings. Yes.”

Me: “Wings would be great. Alright to wrap up your interview…what advice would you give to an artist starting out?”

Chris: “Network, Network, Network! Every show I’ve been a part of have stemmed from talking with other artists and creative minds on Facebook. I was lucky enough to be a featured artist in an exhibit all the way in Germany with several other artists many people in Badass Art group may know as well. Join several art groups, connect with similar artists, message people you admire, you never know who may respond. No matter your style or skill level, you have an audience out there. You just have to spend the effort to find them.”

Me: “That is great advice Chris. Thank you again for taking time for this feature! Would you mind if I share your art on Our website and also the Art Zine we are creating?”

Chris: “Of course, it’s been a pleasure. I really dig what you’ve created and to be featured on your platform is an honor. Sure thing man. I look forward to it. (Off topic, apart from interview) I don’t know what your thoughts on me mentioning Dark Arts Compendium are, but it’d be cool to plug it. I don’t want to distract from your hard work in Badass Art tho so I completely understand if you’d rather not. No harm no foul, just a thought!”

Me: “Thank you Chris! This was fun! Is that your group?”

Chris: “It was fun! Thanks again Nathan.”

Me: “I would love to do a link. Can you explain your art group in a few sentences?”

Chris: “Dark Arts Compendium is an international network of highly skilled dark artists with a shared fascination for strange and imaginative themes. By showing internationally established artists with emerging talent we are ushering this new dark art movement into the world. We are passionate about raising the profiles of dark artists to an international stage through our worldwide network of collectors and enthusiasts. (Website Still very much a wip)”

Me: “Thanks man I will totally add this. Also can you send me ALL your social links…facebook page, intasgram and all other plus a way for people to reach you…And I need 20+ photos of your art to go along with the article…You can google drive them or send them to nathan@badassartgroup.com”

Chris: “Alright, when do you need them by? I have some selected but I need to weed some out still. Thanks for doing this man. If I can ever do anything for ya let me know.”

Me: “Umm tomorrow? I like to get the features done asap. Oh man this is my pleasure!”

Chris: “Ok,I’ll get em to ya.”

Me: “I am gonna do the article in the site but also I want to feature your art in our new Art Zine…we will gave links to all your pages and ways people can reach you.”

Chris: “I’ll send you an email with the links.”

Me: “Sweet man! That works for me!”

Me: “As you can see…I have you drafted as the top feature. Don’t tell anyone this yet…I am hoping to get issue 1 done by the end of the month.”

Chris: “Hope it’s entertaining to read haha. Much respect for you man. I feel like we have similar goals, I’ve gotten so distracted from getting DAC off the ground lately.”

Me: “But if you give me permission to use 4 of your artworks…I’ll send you a free signed copy.”

Chris: “Very cool man. Yeh man for sure that sounds awesome.”


With those last words…”Sounds Awesome”, we both signed our neverborn son’s life over to the The All Mighty Art Gods and conducted several verbal condolences…

Find Chris Helton’s work with the following links,

Chris’s Website: Kujiiira-art.com

On ETSY: Kujiiiraart.etsy.com

Follow Him On Instragram: @chris.helton_kujiiira.art

On the web: DarkArtsCompendium.com

Check out Chris’s Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/darkartscompendium/

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Chris Helton – Featured Artist
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