Ever wish there was a yearly list of Bad Ass Art challenges that was updated from time to time and provided a nice little road map to our chaotic thinking and the administration’s thought process?  Amazingly enough, we have banned together and with our selected talents have tried our hardest to put together a list of events and contests.


1st Week: “Eyes Closed, Open Mind

2nd Week: “Bathroom Blitz

3rd Week: “Your Starry Night

4th Week: “Eyes Gone Wild


1st Week: “Feet Study

2nd Week: “Paint Your Pet

3rd Week: “Watered Down Challenge

4th Week: “Non-Dominate Hand


1st Week: “Shades of Purple

2nd Week: “Writing Pen Challenge” (We are holding a redo soon!)

3rd Week: “The Best Bunnies

4th Week: “Spirit Trees



1st Week: “Photography Challenge” – No people or animals. Digital enhancements accepted.

2nd Week: “Alien Challenge” – Paint an ET and or Alien Space Craft.

3rd Week: “Found Art” – Create art with something you found…sculpture or use it as your canvas.

4th Week: “Create a Self Portrait” – All mediums & art styles welcome, as long as we can tell it is you.


1st Week: “Negative Space” – Using any color paper or canvas, create a image from your backdrop color (use the negative space to show your image).

2nd Week: “No Erasing” – Create something without erasing it….this is a free flow challenge.

3rd Week: “Straight Lines Only” – All mediums, only create with straight lines.

4th Week: “Recreate Your Favorite Song” – Create your interpretation of your favorite song with any medium.


1st Week:


Again. We haven’t really planned this out yet, but this is the start.


Probably a nice art contest about how we are all still alive reading this.


We held the first annual Kitchen Utensil Art Contest of 2017.


I can’t think of everything but I am pretty sure that there will be a Halloween Contest. (…this guy knows the future…)


Can’t wait for summer contest. Unless of course it’s not winter where you live. In which case your contest is mocking the rest of the world.


Oh just maybe…JUST MAYBE we will have a New Year’s Eve contest for 2019.  That’s pretty global right? Sweet! Well. That’s about my rough draft for upcoming art contests.  I am off to share this with the admin team and if they aren’t completely enthralled there might be a beheading or two.


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