Today it was my privilege to talk with Carlie Pearson, our latest featured artist about what inspires her art and how she ticks!

Me: “Hiya Carlie! It’s 2:30pm and the wait is over…ready to be a Featured Artist?”

Carlie: “Guess so! Lol! My texting assistant is still sleeping. Be patient…”

Me: “So I have been checking out your art and I must say…wonderful stuff! What mediums do you use to create your pieces?”

Carlie: “I use acrylic paint, modeling paste and whatever I have on hand to convey my concept . I’ve been known to use teeth, hair, rubber hoses, thread, toys, paper, preserved insects , copper wire, glass, ceramics and the list goes on!”

Me: “Yes…your pieces are very sculptural. Have you taken art classes?”

Carlie: “I have a BFA from the University of Texas from back in the dinosaur age and right now I am taking a sculpture class but as this was my first love, I’m only really doing it for studio and kiln time.”

Me: “Kiln time…explains the ceramics! So I noticed you have some children…did you pass on the creative gene?”

Carlie: “Samantha made the logo for badassart, and my son Jonny is a music producer with his own labels- Night Owl Collective and his latest Mellow Vibes ( streaming on all platforms, SoundCloud, Spotify, ITunes ) I was a classically trained pianist who hated playing in front of people. So I chose visual arts.”

Me: “Oh wow! Yes I have talked with Samantha! She is great. Your son has his own record label?”

Carlie: “Going strong.”

Me: “That’s awesome!”

Carlie: “Samantha is a self taught graphic designer. Genius! And me! – I just started making art again 2 years ago after a 35 year hiatus. Life got in the way!”

Me: “So I noticed you have some art shows you display your stuff in. How did you go about getting your work in galleries?”

Carlie: “I started volunteering as a docent at a non profit and got up the nerve to start submitting there. Now I look for calls on various social media platforms and submit if I think my work applies to the theme. I’m so excited because I have finally made my foray into Austin in a show being held during something called the East Austin Studio Tour. Two of my pieces will be seen, along with the art of 50 other female abstract artists, in the Femme Abstract exhibit. Thousands attend! I also install art at various venues.”

Me: “Oh that’s awesome! How long have you been creating art?”

Carlie: “Do I have to answer that? Lol! Approximately 52 years with the exception of the aforementioned 35 year break during which time I was an aesthetician, then a mom and gardening became my source of expression. I called it painting with plants.”

Me: “Gardening it so awesome. Such a stress relief. So you play the piano?”

Carlie: “When I was 15 I was asked to play piano with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra after having won a contest at SMU. I said no. Too shy.”

Me: “Any 4 pawed art helpers?”

Carlie: “2 cats now. The third left us 2 weeks ago. He was not a helper he liked to pee on anything I was working with on the floor. One cat likes to pull stuff off of pieces. Thank god I ascribe to the Bob Ross idea of happy little accidents.”

Me: “Yes indeed! “Happy little accidents…” just not with the peepee. So Carlie…do you have any phobias?”

Carlie: “Does social anxiety count? I was a hermit for a very long time, now I put my hands on my hips in a Superwoman pose and tell myself to go be a human! Lol!”

Me: “Hahaha! Yes that totally counts! I have bouts of that too. I do the whole, “Be Confident!” from The Neverending Story! What is your perfect dinner meal?”

Carlie: “What a random question! I’ll have lobster please! With a side of lobster!”

Me: “Ahh lobster! Can’t go wrong there! We are winding down to the random spitfire questions here…Religious or spiritual?”

Carlie: “Oh, so one or the other. Hmm, darkly spiritual.”

Me: “I guess it could be both at the same time! Darkly…I get that all to well. So do you believe man landed on the moon?”

Carlie: “Yes! Watched it on TV when it happened, must be true. Don’t wanna know what inspires my work?”

Me: “Oh indeed I do!”

Carlie: “My work is inspired by pain and trauma and the dichotomy of public persona. I want to portray feelings that are universal but not always explored. I don’t make pretty art. Life is not pretty. I often call my work internal landscaping or art therapy 101. I make my art for me and let what happens happen.”

Me: “I believe that’s where the most beautiful works are created from! Many artist I have talked to use art as a therapy of sorts, that’s what makes creating art so cool! So many levels of healing if done properly. You are right, life isn’t pretty. I don’t want to keep you much longer here Carlie…What advice would you give to an artist just starting out?”

Carlie: “Like Nike says, ”Just do it!” Try not to care what anyone else says or thinks. Try everything and see what resonates. I started out as a photorealist, now I don’t go near it.”

Me: “Oh no kidding? I have yet to try anything besides Abstract. Well you are creating things way out of the photo-realism mold. One last thing Carlie…what’s the coolest thing you have done?”

Carlie: “Clarify please. Art wise or life wise?”

Me: “How about both!”

Carlie: “I once painted a 6’x4’ photorealistic oil painting of a shot gun suicide in the 80’s. Getting the pic was it’s own story but what was cool was that I had attached a dead fly to the canvas on the blood. It was on display at the university gallery and people would knock the fly off . The security guard would return it me, less a couple of legs each time in a plastic bubble gum container. Good times ! Lol! Life wise, I call my children, Samantha and Jonny, my greatest creations. I should add that the art I’m doing now is probably cooler than that of the past.”

Me: “That is perfect! The fly is part of the art! Love that so much! The fact that they bubble wrapped it…priceless! Maybe one of these fine days I can do an interview about Jonny! I already have interviewed Samantha…Well thank you so much Carlie, please send me links to your social media platforms so I can add them to the article here. I am looking forward to seeing your new stuff! Be sure to share it over at the Badass Art Group!”

Carlie: “I’m on FB as Carlie Pearson and not done uploading to Instagram yet but that’s @creationsbycarlie. Email is carlainthegarden [at], does that work? I need a technical adviser!”

Me: “Awesomesauce! Yes, for sure! Let me add that. Hehehe, Martinho and I are pretty solid at tech stuff, message if you need anything! Thank you so much Carlie! Link is coming soon!”

Carlie: “Thanks, Nathan!”

With some parting words we ending the interview and I had a blast getting to know Carlie Pearson! Below you can find links to reach her!

Facebook: Carlie Pearson

Instagram: @creationsbycarlie

E-Mail: carlainthegarden [at]

Carlie Pearson – Featured Artist
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