The Search For the Best WOOTS!

Reaching out from the Astral Art Plane, we asked the artists from the Badass Art Group to submit their best owls. The rules complex and unending.

This weekends ART CONTEST! (cue badass music…) Rules are really simple…

– Add your “OWL” portraits in the comments below performing fun and exciting (or not so exciting) human actions.

– Must be an Owl.

– Likes are 1 point. Hearts and wow’s are 5 points.

– All Owl portraits will be in in our highlight reel and may be featured on our live show, “The Night Owl Live”, even if they aren’t doing something humanly cool…

– One submission only.

– Add your Instagram account and also hashtag your submission.

– Let’s rock this out! (I am starting my owl submission tonight…) We will keep this running for a week so all you badass artists can get something submitted.

That’s it! Good luck and we are looking forward to all your submissions.

(If you read this far…any owl’s will be in the highlight reel but most of the judging will be on fun and cool things owl’s are doing that a human ((us)) might do.) Good Luck!

Add your submissions in the comments below!

The below video highlights all the submissions and Runner Ups plus winners for “Most Adored Owl” and “Cutest Owl”…

Winners Are Revealed In the Video!

The Badass Owls Were In!


Big WOOTS to All These Badass Artists!

Alora Rovatti, Amanda L Garcia, Angie Loeb, Bill Rowley, Bob Mayes, Briana Precord, Carissa Carnahan, Caroline Percy, Corrine Powell, Curt Potteiger, Curt Randa, Damien Wilson, David Kangas, Devonte M White, Dewey Engstrom, Dharma T Lefevre, Douglas P. Sciorra, Erin N. Diaz, Gene Barron, Gray Eldritch, Hayley Spencer, Jamie Farley, Janet Szulga, Jaun A. Cano, Jesse Scofield, Jessica Beauchesne, John Clarke, Joy Jacquez, Kat Johnston, Lekshmy Kurup, Linda Price, Meagan Crowley, Melinda Szabone Kadar, Mer Mandela, Mercedez Manges, Nicole Henderson, Nikolass Stojanovic, Peter Levine, Rachel Lewis, Raymond Foerst, Richard Fey, Roni Rae Robbins, Sandi PG, TK Kutnick, Wendy Garratt

Runner Ups

Most Adored Owl

by Jamie Farley

Funny Owls

And the Most Cutest!

by Peter Levine

Big congrats to Peter Levine with the winning Owl submission! Who will be receiving the Grand Prize of bragging rights and his very own 1st Edition Badass Art Group coffee mug!

Coffee mugs are now on sale here! –


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