We asked artists from the Badass Art Group to post…

…their artworks in a pinned post for 2 hours for the top banner spot on the group for at least a couple of days. After 120 minutes of submissions, we shut down the entry booth and let it ride for a moment while grabbing some last minute lunch.  After food n’ stuff was consumed the votes were tallied then converted into a Badass Mathematical Equation…

1 point for a “like”, 5 points for a “Heart or Wow”, and 10 points for a comment! The art rolled in! The stakes raising to as high as they can be! Fingers were on the table…money was on the table…Art was on the table (<- nudges Martinho) Souls were on the table!!!

The results were amazing.  32 artists (by my count) participated in the blitz art contest and in the above video you will see in the slideshow highlights!

Dewey Engstrom Is The Big Winner!

Winning by a Whale tail…Dewey’s art captured all our lives.  Based on photo of Rodney Bursiel.

Thank you all for your wonderful submissions! Even though Dewey won with points…you are all Badass Art Champions to us!

Badass Art Group Highlight Reel 1.5
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