It was a blast visiting the Badass Art Studio in Olympia, WA!

We worked, we played around, we made a ton of videos and we even hosted The Night Owl from the same room! Jane Avery stopped by as our featured guest and we had a great time all laughing and talking about art.

Quantum Waters Rocks Out at the Badass Art Studio!

Martinho and the band Quantum Waters try out a new singer!

Badass Art Studio Produces “New Day” by Austin Weathersbee!

Austin was the first person to be produced at the Badass Art Studio. He was someone who just happen to be at the right place at the right time.

The Night Owl: Episode 22!

Imagine three Badass Artists, streaming live at the studio! It was so fun! We had Martinho, Jane and Nathan in the nest!

We even have Badass Art Party Song!

This is a Work In Progress. Wrote by Douglas P. Sciorra, song by Mister Martinho.

We also started a brand new website for the studio!

Visit the new site here:

We took some party shots!

Check out our new Badass Art Studio Facebook Page!

We have lots more in store and we are just getting started! Thanks for checking out all our videos! More coming soon!

At the Badass Art Studio
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