Welcome to our art tutorial page! This is brand new as of 1/9/2020 so we don’t have much of a list just yet. However as I find more members with tutorials I will be adding them here.


Dragonfly Studio – Want to learn more about how to blend ink, oils and watercolours to create stunning pieces of art? Check out Jacquie Trowell’s art course! She has an incredible style and shows you the tips and tricks to get you started with her techniques! She has also been a featured artist here at the Badass Art Group, ( Article: http://badassartgroup.com/jacquie-trowell-featured-artist ). Check out the article for some samples of her work and interview!

As I find more members that are making tutorials I will add them here. If you already have a art tutorial page and would like it listed here. Send me an e-mail at nathan@badassartgroup.com or find me, Nathan Steinke, on Facebook and shoot me a message!

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