After countless hours of assembling a giant robot made from chewing gum and twist ties we hit the power button hoping for the greatness moment in Human history, the birth of AI.  We waited patiently as the electricity flowed through the thin wires melting the still wet bubble gum into the shape of a humanoid.  We cranked up the juice and within that final triumph moment our creation blazed on fire, destroying the 2 million dollar CPU we installed as a brain.  With the experiment gone, our ride to the east coast and with no way to reach Alora, we held the interview psychically.

Me: “Thank you so much Alora for taking time for this interview.”

Alora: “No problem! I’m excited!”

Me: “So how long have you been an artist Alora?”

Alora: “I think since high school is when I finally started to make art an important part of my life. My art teacher really inspired me to do more with my art and has always said that my work tells a story! Since then I’ve thought of myself as an artist.”

Alora: “Since junior year, which was 2011. Ha”

Me: “Oh that is so cool! Did your teacher inspire anything?”

Alora: “Yeah! So usually in high school you have specific assignments all students have to complete to pass the class, well she let me do an independent study is acrylic painting since she saw my love for it in on assignment.”

Alora: “She always set me in the direction of learning more of my own talent…”

Me: “Oh that is so cool! It’s what art teachers should do. Do you gravitate towards any mediums?”

Alora: “I agree, she was so great. Yes! Definitely acrylic paint.”

Alora: “I’ve used acrylic, oil, ink, pastels and charcoal but my favorite is definitely acrylic.”

Me: “What is your main subject matter?”

Alora: “That’s a tough one. I tend to have a few “go to’s” which includes horses, UFO’s or landscapes”

Me: “Do you mix it all together?”

Alora: “I have mixed up landscapes and UFO’s before. Did a whole series of those in college. But I have talked about mixing all three, just talked about that with my mom because I’m trying to find my thing in the art world…”

Me: “”The Art World”…highly subjective. Did you go to college for art?”

Alora: “True. I did and I have my associates in art. My family always asks me at holidays if I will go back and further my education in art, I want to BUT there are so many things that make that almost impossible so we will see.

Me: “Oh wow…What sort of “things”…being an artist is tough…”

Alora: “Money is always an issue. Starving artist is a real thing haha. Also time, I work full time in the morning and (soon) part time at night.”

Me: “I totally understand…so what’s your favorite thing to paint?”

Alora: “My favorite thing to paint would probably be a tie between UFOs and the abstract fluid acrylic stuff I’ve started to do.”

Me: “What mediums do you like to use?”

Alora: “I like to use acrylic paint the most. It’s my comfort zone medium haha Always go back to it…”

Alora: “If money was no object I would definitely use oil paint all the time… I loved it but only used it in college.”

Me: “I see…so do you have a specific art theme you are going for or?”

Alora: “At the moment I’m trying to find that. I’m experimenting at the moment to find what s easiest. As of now the theme I have is my “Drip series” which is the fluid acrylic/pour type stuff. I’ve started a new one I’m not quite sure about yet which is stucco on canvas”

Me: “Yeah totally…you offer original works then…not just prints?”

Alora: “I have never offered prints. Never had a good camera to get a good quality picture for the prints! I am trying to get prints of my work though, they are cheaper and sell quick from what I’ve seen on Instagram artist I follow.”

Alora: “Also smaller and easier to bring to events. Which I have some coming up next year”

Me: “Oh really like art events?”

Alora: “Nothing fancy. One is at my job. Every year we have a festival and employees and outside people bring their art/creations to sell.”

Alora: “I’m just trying everything (or plan to) to get my art out there and noticed!”

Me: “That makes sense. So…you believe in Aliens??? What about ghosts and all that?”

Alora: “Oh hell yeah!! Oh my gosh. Ghosts and all that too but aliens I’m kind of obsessed with. Just love a lot of sci do shows. Grew up watching Star Trek, then the x files, then ancient aliens… by the way I’m SO jealous you met Giorgio.”

Me: “You must make your own Ouija boards then…^ yeah I did, he is killer cool!”

Alora: “Nope! Haven’t done that haha! Yeah I’d love to meet him one day.”

Alora: “A lot of the ghost shows my mom and I watch have made me weary of using a ouija board!”

Me: “Oh you should…it’s freaky! Oooh yeah… I completely understand.”

Alora: “That stuff can go bad so quick haha! I’m a baby.”

Me: “So if you could explain you art in 2 sentences what would the paragraph be like?”

Alora: “Hmmm, My art is either very inspired by multiple artists I like, but with my own spin on it. Or it’s totally my own thoughts and feelings on the canvas. Ha I’m not sure if that’s good.”

Me: “Ok Ok…Do you feel that you are reincarnated?”

Alora: “Honestly I’ve thought about that so many times because certain things just strike me and it’s like this feels so familiar and I love it so much… I also feel like I was born in the wrong generation. Others my age are just weird to me.”

Me: “I totally understand…So Alora…what is your dream man like?”

Alora: “My dream man. Oh my gosh… um blue eyes, taller than me, similar likes and dislikes… he’s into me! Just basic stuff. I always say I’m trying to find my Mulder. My dream guy would probably be close to agent Mulder from the x files in the sense that he is so himself and goofy/funny, determined, and he believes!”

Alora: “Also other things but those aren’t appropriate for an interview.”

Me: “Right right. OK!.  So if you could tell new artists some advice…what would it be?”

Alora: “Make art daily. If you don’t doubt yourself you’re doing it wrong… Be active on social media! And selling to family and friends first usually starts up other people buying.”

Me “Do you have many social media accounts?”

Alora: “@fallsintoart Facebook page is Falls into Art”

Alora: “My Instagram has my name on it so it’s easy to tag/find. PLUS my Facebook page link is on my Instagram. So it’s all linked.”

Me: “Can I ask you something?”

Alora: “Yes”

Me: “What’s your biggest piece of art?”

Alora: “Biggest piece as of now is the mural I’m doing at my job!”

Me: “What’s the Mural of?”

Alora: “It will be for my department (housekeeping) and maintenance. It will be the first thing people see before they go to our section of the building. It will be pretty basic, tools for maintenance and then cleaning supplies for housekeeping.”

Me: “Oh that is soo cool!”

Alora: “Thanks! I’m hoping it leads to more around the building!!”

Me: “Do you have a favorite piece that you done?”

Alora: “Yea!! It’s a Robert Longo artist copy I did in charcoal of a shark. That piece still blows me away. Another one I love is one I did at a wine and canvas and went all out with a Van Gogh inspired sky, starts and Star Trek TNG star ship haha.”

Alora: “I have two favorite drips I will never sell too. So many favorite pieces ha. The shark is definitely my all time favorite though.”

Me: “Can you share some of your accounts to where people can find you at?”

Alora: “The only two I have are Facebook art page (Falls into Art) and my Instagram (@fallsintoart) My personal Facebook page works too I guess, which is obviously my name, Alora Rovatti”

Alora: “I also have a society 6 page which is FallsintoArt as well. I’m working on an etsy page too.”

Me: “Oh sweet! That is killer, I will share anything you want on the bottom of this interview. Like an e-mail for commissions and such…”

Alora: “Yeah! Hopefully I will start etsy in m vacation next month!  Ok cool! Yeah my Instagram and Facebook are the most populate”

Alora: “Ok my email is:”

Me: “Can you share 20 pics of your artwork?”

Alora: “Hell yeah!”

Me: “Ok sweet! Thank you so much for taking time to be featured artist Alora!”

Alora: “Thank you for this opportunity! So exciting!”

You can find Alora on Instagram @fallsintoart and also email her at if you would like to contact her about any of her art or commission works.  She also has a society6 page at:

Thank you for taking time to check out Alora’s artwork and reading this interview!

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