All about Badass Art Group.

Wait…what? You expected more?  Honestly so did I…So here goes, I am gonna go smoke and then rock this out.  Wait for it! (Ok, you caught me, it’s been like 3 days…which is a lot of smoking.) All about the Badass Art Group…  Where to begin? Where do I start?

It was clear. We birthed a monster art group.  One with a single purpose. To enjoy and share art! The idea was simple…let people share art in a non-hostile environment, support beginners and experts alike and to finally have a place to call home. Ever since the group’s beginning in December of 2016 we wanted a carefree environment where 90% of the people actually got along, which is asking a lot in this day and age.

Since then we have successfully held 18 blood rituals and I have sent 14 straight-jackets to admins in the mail, we also have sold 6 souls to the devil and quite possibly God himself has blessed our little corner of art with making it completely acceptable.  There have been a few alien abductions and quite possibly long and intensely painful probing.  As I type this we have successfully convinced 14 people, including myself, to join us at our round administration table.

What can I say? …things have been going great!  We have a nice meet and greet policy which means we check people’s facebook profile and anything else we can find for free then based on some very lose ground rules, we accept or decline members.  Even though the group is public we have hand selected each and every member!

Currently we have 4.4k vetted members that happen to also live on planet Earth.  There are so many people posting art for the sheer joy of sharing it is absolutely heart warming.  I come across post after post of how people love the Badass Art Group and really…That’s what it’s all about. People are loving it.  It’s really a joy to witness and to be a part of.  I have started to doodle here and there again, picking up that classic BIC pen which is my all time favorite art tool besides my fingers.  Scribbling skulls on shopping lists…being silly…drawing just to draw.

The goal is to offer up our little feast, lined with nuggets of interesting facts about selected artists.  Think of it as going to Mars…only this is a website and you really don’t have to go anywhere. Wait. That’s a horrible example.  It’s like this, we hold contests each month and display a banner on the group.  But with a website we can offer things to the winners like their very own “Featured Artist Page” right here at the Badass Art Group homepage.

We also plan on having a very nice video section done by none other than Martinho himself…and I plan on providing all the background music for said videos.  He is very agreeable and if not there are plenty of deep lakes we can all paint him drowning in.  That’s a joke!  He is really good. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with, in fact Martinho was the one that came up with We all nodded and hit a huge gong. It was great.

You are now one of us.  You will love more, you will art more and you will share more.  You are probably asking who edited this and that would be no one.  Wait, I did give it a try.  I don’t know…everything up to this point has been a complete whim and a dream so I guess the website is as well.  We have it, we’ll use it and it will be great. What’s that movie?  “Build it…they will come.”

Well that’s about all I got for now. I want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of this incredible journey we call life and the display of humans bypassing all the crazy junk of this world and focusing and sharing the rich art that is in every one of us. For fucks sake…I am almost crying.   Really, I have learned love and acceptance, a willingness to create, a need to be myself and most of all people I wouldn’t mind calling friends.

Let the TEARS RAIN! Peace. Love and Harmony.


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