The rules were simple…We can only use the color green (white & black aren’t really colors, so they are allowed). We will submit our art in the comment section of this post & then…who gets the most votes, wins the banner for the month of April!! We can’t post before March 15th, 2017.

The wait was unbearable…Our wonderful and somewhat mentally in sane admins went to work. Some finished in mere hours and proudly boasted, “Done”…others took their time thinking the contest was over on April 1st…those that finished before the 15th were plagued with guilty pleasures of wanting to share their art early.  Oh the pain it was to view them while out of body…sweating over the upload button.  Some broke down…shared their first attempt and painted yet another piece of green.

The day finally fell into the 15th of March and on that very day we all posted something.  Something green.  The votes poured in like grains of sand falling from the hands of a dreamy space-child viewing the lunar rest of our moon for the first time.  With glints of envy in our eyes we all refreshed facebook like crazed monkey’s wanting another bite of that delicious nicotine infused candy bar. Yes, vultures. We hovered , we cried, we laughed and then we tallied the votes.

Finally after weeks of agonizing torture our very own Kat Johnston won with a large majority of the votes.  With crushed hopes the rest of us congratulated her. “Nice…”, we said as we sat around a map made from the hide of a blocked member, daggers in hand, secretly plotting her death. Oh wait, right right the Contest!

Big congrats to Kat winner of the First Ever Single Color Admin Event!

(Just for the hell of it…) also know as the 50 Shades of Green Admin Art Contest.  Without further delay here it is, the envy of our dreams, the Green Fairy.

Love you Kat! Congrats and what a wonderful piece, you totally deserve to be the winner!



50 Shades of Green Bad Ass Admin Art Contest
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