It’s April 20th, 2017…or for some of you number friendlies, it is 4/20 and for everyone else it’s 420 day.  All the bad ass art admins decided to hold a little 420 group contest to see who’s art wins popular vote.  Many submissions poured in from all corners of the known world and just one art piece topped the scale, with 26 likes, I am proud to announce…

Kelly Wins the First Annual Bad Ass Art 420 Contest in 2017!

Above is Kelly’s piece, known to produce a high if viewed while spinning in a circle.  Look forward to more of Kelly’s work in the near future and be sure to give her a gentle fistbump if you see her skipping down the halls of Bad Ass Art.

Editor’s Note: We would have supplied her last name, phone number and address complete with a live streaming video feed from our Bad Ass Art surveillance drone but…due to legal issues and a bunch of red tape we can only refer to her as “the girl that arted stuff for 420″…or “Kelly”. Well done! Good times! More on the way…I was going to add the runners up to this post but somewhere along the line the contest post has vanished and after an hour looking for it, I gave up.

420 Bad Ass Art Contest of 2017!
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